Shipwrecked 2019 is in full swing.

The Tigers v Sharks competition is going strong and there’s even a mole operation in order.

Freja Budd was one of the later arrivals to the Shipwrecked cast.

Here are seven things you didn’t know about Freja!
Shipwrecked E4

Freja has her Own Blog

On her arrival to Tiger Island, Freja admitted that although a lot of people dont find her funny, she thinks she is.

And anyone who’s read her blog – The Radical Diaries – will get her hilarious wit and no-nonsense humour.

Freja’s Twitter feed is also packed full of laughs if you fancy a giggle.

Freja can Speak Three Languages

According to her LinkedIn profile, Freja can hold a convo in three languages.

She has listed Danish, English and French in the Accomplishments section of her profile.

Pretty impressive, eh?

She is a PA

Freja works as an Executive Assistant to the Vice President of headwear brand New Era Cap.

The brand is pretty huge – since the 1930’s they’ve been the headwear suppliers for Major League Baseball in the U.S.A.

She had her Heart Broken

On her boat trip to Tiger island, Freja openly admitted that she wanted to be at least 9,000 miles away from the person that broke her heart as he is, in her words, “an anus”.

Freja Likes to Cook

A quick glimpse of Freja’s Instagram story and she’s always got some grub on the go.

If you’re short of inspiration for your mid-week tea, then head over to Freja’s Instagram page – @frejaface.

Anyone bringing chilli sauce to a desert island has got a place in their heart for food, that’s for sure.

She also provides food to the homeless in her local area of Northamptonshire by making them meals from home.

Everyone Loves Freja

Since her arrival on Shipwrecked 2019 Freja looks to have made a positive impression, not only on her fellow islanders but on the Twittersphere, too.

Freja and Shark Tribe member Emma really hit things off on day one. The rest of the Sharks got on with Freja too, so much so that she’s now a member of their tribe.

She Can’t Get Enough Glitter

Freja comes across as one happy go lucky girly.

Glitter, appreciating unicorns, turning up and going on adventures look to be on her agenda most of the time.


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