Sian Hamshaw is one of the most mysterious contestants in this year’s Big Brother series.

Although she has clicked into a tight friendship group with Kenaley Amos-Sissons and Brooke Berry, she is yet to open up and reveal any shocking truths.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any!

Here are five surprising facts about Big Brother’s Sian!

Big Brother 2018 - Sian Hamshaw

Big Brother 2018 – Sian Hamshaw

Sian has a Baby Son

The 25-year-old from Barnsley has a four-year-old son, meaning she gave birth to her baby boy at 21.

She is a single mum and doesn’t have a current boyfriend.

Unless Isaac Jagroop can change that, of course!

Big Brother 2018 - Isaac.

Big Brother 2018 – Isaac.

She’s Had a Boob Job

Sian is yet to talk about any cosmetic procedures while in the Big Brother house, although she has on social media.

In the comments of this video, she responds to “your boobs babes” with “fake hunnie”.

Sian Started Modelling at 17

Although her full-time profession is waitressing, Sian has always wanted to get into modelling.

In fact, she launched her own website at just 17, listing all of her physical credentials.

The website came complete with the tagline 17 years old NO nude/glamour please.

Oh, the things we do in our teenage years…

Screen Shot: Sian Hamshaw website -

Screen Shot: Sian Hamshaw website –

Sian has an official modelling Facebook page, too!

Here, pictures are as recent as 2017.

She’s Big on Insta

Sian already has almost 12,000 followers on Instagram, and a lot of those were there before she joined Big Brother 2018.

She uploads in three, giving her account a more unique touch.

Screen Shot: Sian Hamshaw Instagram - @sianhamshaw

Screen Shot: Sian Hamshaw Instagram – @sianhamshaw

Sian Has Several Different Looks

Flick through Sian’s Instagram and you’ll realise she has a different look for every occasion.

Straight hair, curly hair, weave – it’s all going on for Sian!