Siannise Fudge’s ethnicity explored: Love Island runner-up dubbed herself “Princess Jasmine of Bristol”

Siannise Fudge's ethnicity explored: Love Island runner-up dubbed herself "Princess Jasmine of Bristol"

The drizzle and doom and gloom of the British Winter was a thing of the past when Love Island 2020 launched. Love Island series 6 started from Sunday, January 12th.

The finale of Winter Love Island aired Sunday, February 23rd on ITV2. As always the Love Island cast was jam-packed full of ultra-hot singletons, one of them being Bristolian Siannise Fudge.

Siannise didn’t end her journey single, though, it looked like she’d be showing Luke T around her hometown soon enough as they placed second on the show. So, what is Siannise Fudge’s ethnicity?

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Siannise Fudge – ethnicity

Paige Turley and Siannise Fudge were the first two girls to enter the Love Island villa in 2020.

The 25-year-old beauty consultant hails from Bristol and described herself as “sassy and spontaneous”.

Siannise explained that her friends would call her “the Princess Jasmine of Bristol” and added that she “just needs to find her Aladdin”.

On looking for love in the villa, Siannise said: “In the past, I’ve gone for more looks, but personality is so important.”

Siannise didn’t reveal details about her ethnicity on the show but she did make a point of comparing herself and her first partner, Nas, to Princess Jasmine and Aladdin.

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Siannise’s family

From a scan of Siannise’s Instagram profile, it’s clear to see that she comes from quite a big family.

The brunette beauty has two sisters and two brothers and they all look pretty tight-knit.

Siannise’s sisters have taken over her Instagram profile while she’s in the villa. Follow Amber Fudge and Shanade Fudge on Instagram.

The Fudge sisters’ two brothers are also on Instagram as @jakefudge99 and @kaifudge03.

Siannise made a point of telling her fellow Love Islander Paige that she wants to find somebody family-orientated: “I just want someone who’s respectful.”

She loves her surname

From the moment she entered the Love Island villa in 2020, Siannise would not stop going on about her surname.

She said during her introduction: “Having the second name Fudge does make me feel really unique. I absolutely don’t like fudge!”

Although Siannise certainly pulls off the ‘Princess Jasmine’ look, her surname isn’t giving much away as ‘Fudge’ is “an ancient Norman name that arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066” according to

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