Winter Love Island is officially going off in 2020! The sixth Love Island series is bringing the heat to our British Winter with a brand new batch of Islanders.

They’ve coupled up, stolen each other’s partners, acted ‘proper snakey’ and some have just taken the experience as an all-inclusive holiday according to Twitter!

There’s always a couple of poor Islanders that get called every name under the sun by viewers. This year, Siannise Fudge had Twitter users changing up her name like there’s no tomorrow. Now, it looks like Siannise has been given her real name back on Twitter after days of being called “Siamese”, “Shinpads” and more!

love island siannise meme
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Winter Love Island: SR6: Ep9 on ITV2
Love Island Siannise meme

Love Island Siannise memes: What are people calling her?

Siannise Fudge was one of the original Islanders to enter the Winter series.

The Bristolian beauty consultant went into the villa looking for her ‘tall, dark, handsome Aladdin’.

However, day after day Siannise wasn’t having much luck with any of the Island lads. Episode 13 sees Siannise and fellow Islander Rebecca have a showdown over newcomer to the show Luke T.

Regardless of her luck – or lack of – with men, Siannise has been the centre of attention on the show for another reason, her name.

Twitter users went to town calling Siannise everything other than her name. “Shinpads”, “Shoelace”, “Siamese”, “Sore Knees”, “Shaun’s Niece” are just some of the new names she’s acquired.

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love island siannise meme
Screenshot: Love Island Siannise meme 2020 – ITV

Why did Siannise get her real name back on Twitter?

As of January 24th 2020, Siannise was given her real name back by Twitter users.

Episode 12 of Love Island saw Siannise save fellow original Islander Nas from going home which meant that Siannise went right up in viewers’ estimations.

Tonnes of Love Island viewers took to Twitter to say that they would now begin calling Siannise by her real name. Some even dubbed her a ‘national hero’:

“Tryna learn how to spell Sore knees actual name now that she saved Nas.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Major respect to Shoelace for saving Nas. She’s gone up in my estimations.”

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