Singapore Social: Get to know Tabitha Nauser from new music to romance with Louie!

Singapore Social sprung onto Netflix on November 22nd and take it from us, once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop.

The six main characters, from Paul to Vinny, Mae to Nicole have so much going on it’s almost hard to keep up.

The young Singaporeans are part of a movement, a generation of people wanting things to change. The Netflix series takes a look at their lives – from love to ambitious careers, family, friends and the barriers they come up against.

So, let’s get to know Singapore Social’s Tabitha Nauser!

Screenshot: Singapore Social Tabitha Nauser episode 1 – Netflix

Who is Tabitha Nauser?

Tabitha is described by co-star Mae as a “Singapore pop star princess”.

She was a contestant on Singapore Idol in 2009 and came in third place.

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Now the 27-year-old is represented by Sony Music. Tabitha said: “My debut single hit number one in Singapore and the region in like three days.”

It looks like Tabitha has found her groove in music and has opted for a more toned-down look for her 2019 EP. Speaking to Buro 247, Tabitha said that 2019 had been “a rollercoaster” and added: “I’m looking forward to being a little more settled in 2020”.

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Are Tabitha and Louie still dating?

Singapore Social takes a good look at Tabitha’s love life.  Viewers see Tabitha break up with her boyfriend and manager, Adam, in episode 5.

She then starts a new relationship with Louie and experiences some difficulty in maintaining a work relationship with Adam and a new romance with Louie.

Adam said: “I’m genuinely proud of where you are now. I love you with all my heart. I think I need to take a step back from everything.”

From the looks of both Tabitha and Louie’s Insta profiles, the pair are still very much together.

Is Tabitha on Instagram?

Yes, pop sensation Tabitha is indeed on Insta. You can find her @tabithanauser with over 52,000 followers.

By the looks of her Instagram, her music is coming out thick and fast with a new EP, ‘things i should have said’, coming out in November 2019.

Her song ‘hurricane’ gained 17,000 streams on Apple Music in just three days from its release.

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