Singapore Social season 2 looks unlikely as fans slate the show on Twitter!

You can almost always count on Netflix for an entertaining series.

And 2019 saw a shedload of new shows hit the streaming service. One of which was Singapore Social.

The series takes a look at the lives of a group of young Singaporeans making their way in the world.

The show kicked off from November 22nd but has been met with a fair bit of negativity.

Let’s take a look at the likelihood of there being a Singapore Social season 2!

Screenshot: Singapore Social series 1 – Netflix

Singapore Social – cast

Netflix viewers were introduced to the Singapore Social cast in series 1.

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The six main characters consisted of Vinny, Paul, Tabitha, Sukki, Nicole and Mae.

Additionally, Vinny’s kind-of-girlfriend, Cristina, appeared on the show as well as Nicole’s pal, Nora.

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Will Singapore Social renew for season 2?

By the looks of Twitter, Singapore Social hasn’t gone down that well with viewers.

Because of that, it’s unlikely that the series will renew. It’s unconfirmed, but Singapore Social will probably be kept as a stand-alone series.

The Cinemaholic reported that if the show does make a return it will probably air around November 2020.

What did viewers make of Singapore Social series 1?

Singapore Social has received some harsh criticism online.

One Twitter user wrote: “wow Singapore Social is a cringe a minute. lol is someone literally telling them to insert “traditional Asian parents” into every other sentence, also wow where these traditional American accents from.”

Another took to social media to say that the show looked of a “dubious nature”.

While a final Twitter user said: “I’m not saying that their experiences aren’t real—it certainly is common—but all this talk about pressure from family and tiger parenting feels like it’s just playing into stereotypes that Western audiences have.”

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