Singletown: Who is George? Does he win back Sophie?
Screenshot: Singletown on ITV - George and Sophie

Singletown: Who is George? Does he win back Sophie?

When it comes to brand new ITV2 series Singletown, fans have a lot of questions.

Like, why was this dubbed my Love Island replacement but it’s two million times worse? Who are these complete wannabe’s on my TV screen? And why on earth did they sign up to the show?

A key cast member who has been at the centre of attention over recent weeks is George Bird, who headed into the series in a relationship with brunette stunner Sophie Moran.

Fans have been outraged over George’s treatment of Sophie at times and their inquest into George’s intentions peaked in episode 8 (aired Wednesday, September 11th) when G-dog went on a date with Maureen.

Screenshot: Singletown on ITV – George and Sophie

Twitter asks: Is George wearing a wig?

George headed out on a date with Maureen in episode 8, pretty much in revenge for the fact that Sophie grabbed a snog on her date.

However, the romantic hookup was marred by several things, one of which was audiences’ speculation that George was wearing a wig. The 21-year-old has a very sharp fade from the top to bottom of his hair.

It’s either a non-blended fade or a sort of toupe. This image is the best we can use to speculate although Reality Titbit’s totally non-trained hairdresser opinion is that it looks like a stick-on hairpiece.

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Screenshot: Singletown on ITV – George and Maureen on their date

Screenshot: Singletown on ITV – George and Maureen on their date

Twitter asks: Is George straight?

George’s boat date was all smooth sailing as he ended up leaning in for a kiss with Maureen at the end. Despite this, some fans on Twitter have questioned whether George has been hiding something and whether he could be gay or bisexual.

Speculation hit overload at the end of the episode when Selin said to George: “You’ve got a really big secret in your pocket… that would put any girl off.”

Are George and Sophie together now?


You can follow George on Instagram under @george.birdd, although his account is set to private, and Sophie at @lil_soph2.

ITV are doing an exceptional job and keeping the result of the show under wraps. So far in Singeltown, it seems like George ha realised that he wants Sophie all to himself and is desperate to make sure they are back on track as an official couple by the end of the season.

Whether that happens remains to be seen although the pair are following each other on Insta and George is still actively commenting on pics, such as here with: “What’s cooking good looking”.

Is that as a supportive friend? Or loving boyfriend?

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If it was up to the fans, George would be kicked to the curb immediately with large sections of Twitter calling for their two-and-a-half-year relationship to come to a halt.

Roger said on Twitter: “George needs to move on, Sophie is not interested any more.”

Another user added: “George is controlling you can tell, good on her for walking away.”

And: “I pray to god Sophie continues to see the light and doesn’t go back with George. He’s feeling sorry for himself and saying what she wants to hear but he will never ever change into the George she would deserve.”




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