The Chernobyl Sky Atlantic trailer teases a remarkable feat of storytelling and yet another notable new addition to 2019’s TV schedule.

Both Sky Atlantic and HBO are prestigious for their output. Only putting out the best shows, Chernobyl proves that both will continue to raise the quality bar.

It has certainly captivated our attention. So, here’s why it demands yours.

still from “Chernobyl” trailer, HBO, Sky Atlantic 2019

What is Chernobyl about?

This brand new mini-series will consist of five episodes.

The narrative will tackle to portray the brave men and women who acted during the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster of 1986. The accident was disastrous and remains a talking point to this day.

Since the Chernobyl Sky Atlantic trailer, intrigue has resurfaced substantially.

still from “Chernobyl” official trailer, Sky Atlantic, HBO 2019

Chernobyl mini-series: Cast

The series boasts an all-star cast of wonderful performers.

Already, we have seen a glimpse of Emily Watson, who has starred in such terrific films as The Theory of Everything, Punch Drunk Love, Breaking the Waves and more.

Then there is also Stellan Skarsgard. He has turned in great work in the likes of Thor, Melancholia, Nymphomaniac and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Also starring is Jessie Buckley (Beast, Wild Rose), Jared Harris (Lincoln, The Man From Uncle) and more.

promotional still for “Chernobyl” Sky Atlantic, HBO 2019

Chernobyl: Sky Atlantic trailer

The trailer teases a phenomenal, memorable mini-series.

Give it a watch!

Chernobyl: Release date

Episodes will emerge weekly on both Sky Atlantic and HBO.

The first will arrive on May 6th 2019 for US audience on HBO. Then, UK audiences can catch it on Sky Atlantic on May 7th. The remaining four will then follow accordingly.

As it’s a mini-series, it’s likely that these episodes will paint a complete picture of the disaster.


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