sMothered: Twitter reacts to Lauren's baby journey - Lisa gets involved in the AI process!

Sharing underwear, wearing matching outfits, pushing away each other’s partners, giving Brazilian waxes and living practically next door to one another is nothing now that sMothered sees a mom helping her daughter get pregnant in sMothered season 3.

The TLC show follows the lives of mother and daughter duos who have bonds like no other. Lauren and Lisa are newcomers to sMothered in 2021 and their closeness looks to blow the rest of the moms and daughters out the water. This season, Lauren wants to have a baby – and her mom is very much involved in the process!

Screenshot: Mom Inseminates Her Own Daughter! | sMothered

sMothered: Meet Lauren and Lisa

Lauren Reese and her mother, Lisa Kimball, are two new cast members on TLC’s sMothered in 2021.

Lauren is 27 years old while her mom is 53. Given the fact they’re on sMothered, it’s obvious that the duo has an extremely close relationship.

The TV stars hail from Kenner, Louisiana. And following the July 5th episode of sMothered, it looks like Twitter has a soft spot for Lisa’s husband as he also appeared on the show.

Lauren Reese’s baby journey

Lauren’s fertility journey is documented on sMothered. And, her choice of person to inseminate her really raised some eyebrows during episode 6.

Lauren’s mother, Lisa, could be seen during the episode getting the “baby juice” out of a box ready to inseminate her daughter. She said: “I’m excited that I’m able to share this experience with Lauren. I gave her life and now I get to put it inside of her.

Twitter was swarming with comments on the fact that Lauren’s mother was the one to inseminate her. One person wrote: “Lauren is going to end up single forever because she allowed her mom to get in the middle of her marriage. This is just sad”

Another Tweeted: “Lauren, you are NOT married to your mother.

First Look: sMothered Returns May 31!

First Look: sMothered Returns May 31!

sMothered: Is Lauren married?

Yes, Lauren is married. She and her wife, Laura Leigh, tied the knot in 2018.

During sMothered, Lauren describes herself as a “proud lesbian woman” however, she may have been putting her relationship to the test as she opted for her mother inseminating her over her wife.

Lauren said: “I think that Laura Leigh would want to be the one to inseminate me. I definitely think that she would have an issue knowing that it’s my mom doing so, but I just want to give this a try.

Many viewers took to Twitter to argue that they didn’t think it was fair that Laura Leigh didn’t seem to be involved in the fertility journey: “Lauren is being so unkind to her wife. She trying to act like it’s not a big deal what she did cuz on the end she didn’t get pregnant.”

Another Tweeted: “Laura Leigh deserves a lot better than Lisa and Lauren!!



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