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From ITV Studios Love Island: SR4: Ep36 on ITV2 Pictured: Wes Nelson's Blue Planet and other spin-off series we wish ITV2 would produce

Someone needs to PRODUCE one of these Love Island 2018 spin-off series!

Love Island 2018 has won the heart of a nation.

Series four may be lacking the bromance of last year’s Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay, but 2018 has produced a bunch of characters who simply love to cause drama.

Whether you’re team Dani and Jack or just love watching Megan Barton-Hanson stir trouble, we’d love to see the Love Island 2018 cast go on to future spin-off series.

Here are seven Love Island 2018 spin-off series ideas that we would love to see happen.

Someone get ITV2 on the phone!

24 Hours in A&E – with Alex George and Adam Collard

Dr Alex George is already an A&E doctor, and we’d love to watch him in action.

The only thing better than Dr Al shouting “oh hell” as blood squirts out of someone’s chest would be to randomly have Adam Collard also on the case.

The charming Geordie personal trainer formed a bizarrely close friendship with Alex while in the villa.

We want to throw Adam into the A&E action and find out if there is any situation where he wouldn’t refrain himself from cracking on with someone.

Screen Shot: Operation Dr Do More (Alex and Megan) – Love Island, series 4, episode 8

The Grace Wardle Chat Show

Please, please, please can we make this happen. Someone start a petition.

Considering Grace Wardle left the Love Island villa having said literally nothing, giving her a chat show could be the most hilarious thing ever.

She did confess that she “loves questions” and we’d love to see Grace awkwardly interviewing megastars such as George Clooney, Jay Z and Beyoncé.

Pictured: Frankie and Grace Wardle exit from the Island.

Megan Barton-Hanson’s Snog, Marry, Avoid

Any form of Megan Barton-Hanson dating show would surely provide plenty of niggles and giggles.

She can’t actually keep her hands off anyone, so putting her as host of Snog, Marry, Avoid would be perfect.

Obviously, she’s going to say snog them all. But then maybe marry them too?

Also, avoid them at the same time?

Oh, Megz!

Love Island: SR4: Ep23 on ITV2 – Megan steal Wes

Jack Fincham’s Hell’s Kitchen

Jack Fincham has done a better Gordon Ramsay impression than Gordon can do himself!

A devil in the kitchen despite not really knowing what he’s doing, Jack deserves his own cooking-related spin-off series.

We envision Jack kitted out in a head chef’s outfit, shouting at the blue and red team with his own unique witty quotes.

Jack Fincham and his dad bod – Love Island, series 4, episode 8

Georgia Steel and Ellie Brown in Just Tattoo of Us

Imagine the carnage.

This isn’t so much of a series but a one-off show where Georgia Steel and Ellie Brown agree to tattoo one other.

Just like in Just Tattoo of Us, the designs will be kept secret, with a shocking reveal at the end.

Odds on Georgia plastering “LOYALTY” across Ellie’s forehead?

Screen Shot: Ellie and Georgia argument – Love Island tonight, episode 29, series 4

Wes Nelson’s Blue Planet 

If the BBC are looking for someone to take over the commentary duties of Sir David Attenborough, then look no further than Wes Nelson.

Wes has already displayed his passion for live commentary and has a range of accents at his disposal from Yorkshire to Eyal Booker.

Give Wes a mic and let him run commentatory over the top of Blue Planet!

Bonus Show: Danny Dyer on Gogglebox

Honestly, we’re not sure why Channel 4 haven’t already picked up this idea and ran with it.

We would love to watch Danny Dyer’s reaction to watching Love Island.

Go Gogglebox style and have cameras tucked away in Danny’s flat as he completely loses his rag over the treatment of his daughter, Dani Dyer.

We can only imagine how the Eastenders actor reacted when his daughter was reduced to tears during the Casa Amor drama.



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