Season 18 of Geordie Shore is only onto its fifth episode but the arguments have not stopped.

Sam Gowland and Sophie Kasaei have fallen out more times than we can remember and Abbie Holborn and Adam Guthrie have one peculiar friendship.

In episode 4 Sam Gowland made light of the fact that Sophie could be jealous of his and Chloe’s relationship but she and Nathan Henry begged to differ. (November 6th)

So who is Sophie with now? Does she have a new boyfriend?

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Who is Sophie’s Ex?

In the most recent Geordie Shore episode, Sophie’s been trying to stick by her best friend Chloe Ferry.

On nights out shes made it very clear to Chloe’s boyfriend, Sam Gowland, that Chloe could get anyone she wants.

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Because of this, Sam Gowland keeps going on about Sophie’s ex, Joel Corry.

Sam said to Chloe:

“She doesn’t like me and you being together, because what me and you have got is what she had in the past. She had it with Joel for years.”

In an interview with OK Magazine, Sophie said: “I got with Joel when I was 21 and you’re going out and partying and having fun”

But I’m 28 now and I’m at that point where I’m thinking about the future.

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Who is Sophie With Now?

After being dumped over the phone by Joel in 2017 Sophie then went on Geordie Shore season 17 and met Aussie Alex MacPherson.

That one didn’t quite pan out though and now Sophie’s smitten with a new guy.

Sophie’s just got into a proper relationship with absolute hunk Jay.

The pair attended Olivia and Alex Bowen’s wedding after being together for 3 weeks.

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