Spencer Matthews in HILARIOUS roasting of former The Apprentice star - Five Star Hotel

Five Star Hotel faced a serious shakeup this week with Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan facing the axe and a former The Apprentice star filling her shoes.

Entrepreneur, business enthusiast and know-it-all James Hill is the latest face to join the gang in Greece, although his company hasn’t exactly been welcomed with open arms.

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews is the current hotel manager, although businessman James believes he can run the show far more efficiently.

You can imagine how well Spenny and James got on…

Strike One

Having collectively scored their lowest rating so far in the series as a team, Spencer sat down with his cocktail of reality TV stars to talk through their woes.

Spencer kicked things off with an apology having turned up late for the breakfast service, although his speech was swiftly cut short by a James Hill interruption.

Screen Shot: SPENCER, Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: JAMES (Left) butts in, Five Star Hotel, E4

Spenny refused to back down, however, and bit back with some sass…

Screen Shot: Five Star Hotel, E4

Fair point. We think James was the 8th person out on 2016’s The Apprentice.

Or something like that.

Strike Two

The ratings saw Joey Essex and new boy James at the top, with Lydia Bright boasting the lowest average rating of 4.1.

Cue a motivational speech from hotel manager Spencer.

Oh, and here goes James again…

Screen Shot: SPENCER – Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: JAMES butts in, Five Star Hotel, E4

James continued a long, bumbling rant along the lines of “working together”, “learning from the situation”, “giving a better service” and yadda yadda yadda.

As you can tell by the team’s reaction, everyone was seriously bored with the insights of The Apprentice reject.

Screen Shot: CHARLOTTE YAWNS – Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: LYDIA FALLS ASLEEP – Five Star Hotel, E4

The team didn’t hold back with their pieces on camera either, with Charlotte knighting the new boy with his own special nickname.

Screen Shot: CHARLOTTE – Five Star Hotel, E4

You’re Outta There

Having patiently endured James’s five-minute rant, Spencer jumped back in with his new four-word catchphrase.

You, James, have been put in your place…

Screen Shot: SPENCER – Five Star Hotel, E4

Things didn’t get any better for James as he attempted to mingle with his staff and wow the guests on their wild night out.

And how did he do that?

Well, he asked the DJ to turn down the music…

Screen Shot: JAMES HILL – Five Star Hotel, E4

We didn’t see much of ‘The Borenator’ for the rest of the episode although we’re sure he will be clashing with Spencer over the next few episodes.

The final three episodes of Five Star Hotel air this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (30th March 2018), on E4 at 10 pm.

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