Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews and Irish model, Vogue Williams met in 2017 and within a year they married, had a baby and have now landed their own reality show!

Spencer and Vogue’s sarcastic humour combined with adorable baby Theodore and Vogue’s cautious dog, Winston, makes for hilarious TV.

Twitter’s been typing up a storm over the reality TV show.

So, will there be a fourth episode of Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too?
Spencer, Theodore and Vogue

Is There a Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too Episode 4?

Unfortunately Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too was a three-part series.

Therefore the programme has now finished as of January 21st, 2019.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to voice their appreciation.

As much praise as the show received, Channel 4 replied to the number of Tweets by saying that the show was only made up of three episodes and that there’s no current information on another series.

Catch Up with Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too

The couple’s reality show kicked off Monday, January 7th at 9 pm.

The Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too finale aired Monday, January 21st on E4.

All three episodes are available on catch up via Channel 4’s on-demand service ALL4.

Jake Quickenden
Screen Shot: Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too – Jake Quickenden and Spencer babysit – E4

What is Spencer and Vogue’s Baby Called?

Born in September 2018, the couple’s adorable baby is called Theodore. His full name is very personal to Spencer and Vogue – Theodore Fredrick Michael Matthews.

‘Fredrick’ after Vogue’s father who passed away in 2010 and ‘Michael’ after Spencer’s brother who passed away in 1999.

A month or so after he was born Vogue said that they hadn’t used his name ‘Theodore’ yet, but call him ‘Beefy’, ‘Pigly’, ‘Beef Cake’, ‘Beef Taco’ or anything else to do with beef.


Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too: Who is Spencer’s pal Jake Quickenden?

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