BBC favourite Springwatch is set to return at the end of May 2019!

But with a new year and a new series, the Springwatchers are mixing it up and moving to a new home.

So where is the new series of Springwatch filmed? Read on to find out more about their new garden paradise and how you can visit it!

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Where is Springwatch filmed?

Since the show started in 2005, it has been filmed at a variety of locations across the UK.

From Fishleigh Estate in Devon, Pensthorpe Nature Reserve in Norfolk to RSPB Minsmere in North Suffolk, The Watchers have not stopped moving.

And now they are making the move to new pastures!

After a successful run of Winterwatch 2019 at a new site on the edge of Abernethy Forest in the Cairngorms National Park, this location was dubbed the year-round spot for The Watchers. So expect to return for Autumnwatch!

How to visit the national park

The Cairngorms National Park is at the heart of the scenic Scottish Highlands.

It was voted one of the Top 20 Places to visit in the world by the National Geographic Traveller Magazine! So no surprise they would make the move to this gorgeous new location.

Learn more about visiting the national park, here.

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Springwatch’s 2019 project

Alongside this move, they are also launching their biggest ever citizen science project!

The Gardenwatch project is kicking off this year, encouraging people to look to their own backyards for wildlife. These overlooked spaces cover an area of land three times the size of all the country’s nature reserves put together!

In partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), the Gardenwatch survey will sit on The Open University’s nQuire site.

Watch the latest series of Springwatch!

The 2019 series launched on Bank Holiday Monday – 27th May.

Springwatch will continue to air every weekday at 7.30pm/8pm on BBC Two.

There are 12 episodes in the new series.


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