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Rukaya sat on a bench looking into the distance. London, UK.

Step inside Rukaya's ridiculous lifestyle on Instagram - Rich Kids Go Homeless

Episode 3 of 5 STAR series Rich Kids Go Homeless introduced us to Rukaya Mirza.

The 25-year-old is the daughter of two wealthy property development tycoons and is used to living in the luxury of a seven-bedroom mansion in Cheshire.

Well, when she’s not enjoying her lifestyle as a ‘travel influencer’ and touring the likes of Rome and Dubai in the very best five-star accommodation, that is.

While Rich Kids Go Homeless helped to highlight Rukaya’s struggles as she spent three night’s living on England’s streets, what is her lifestyle like in real life? Let’s check her out on Instagram to find out!

Rukaya sat on a bench looking into the distance. London, UK.

What is Rukaya’s Instagram?

You can follow Rukaya on Instagram under @rukayax, where the 25-year-old already has over 25,000 followers.

Her travel influencer lifestyle is also decorated on her own personal website, where her mind-numbing reviews are enough to make any professional travel writer cry with embarrassment.

Kim Kardashian probably thinks this blog entry is pure genius, though:

Extract from – My Dubai

“So I get to the airport super early as per usual. Kemi was running late so we decided we’d check in separately and meet in duty free.

Ten minutes within checking in by myself and passing through passport control – I lose my phone.

Major. Panic.

How am I going to contact Kemi now?!


Anyway. Drama over- I sprinted back to passport control luckilyyyy someone kindly handed it in as I’d stupidly left it on the side while getting my passport out.”

Rukaya’s ridiculous lifestyle

While Rukaya experienced plenty of harsh realities during her time on the streets in Rich Kids Go Homeless, it’s clear to see that the hidden alleys of London Victoria are not her usual selfie spots.

Even if it’s Manchester, it’s got to be somewhere glitzy.

Rukaya the travel blogger

While many people kick-start their travel blogging careers with a cheap holiday to Thailand and some unique stories on hidden local food markets, Rukaya’s clientele is slightly different.

Whether Bangkok or Turkey, her travel portfolio doesn’t exactly scream ‘useful’ and ‘full of helpful guidance’.

Is it travel blogging or just showing off?

In fact, we take that all back.

It has to be travel blogging… there are yoga pose and peace sign pictures!

On Rukaya’s website, she explains that she moved back to the UK from Dubai.

She also gained a Duke of Edinburgh award while in school.

So, remember folks, get your Duke of Edinburgh award and you’ll have everything you need to travel the world just like Rukaya!



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