When Love Island 2020 opened its doors for the arrival of 12 new singletons, nobody was expecting The Hulk to wedge himself through the door.

Fans were left spitting their teas at the TV screen as man-mountain Ched Uzor waltzed into Casa Amor looking as if he had eaten the other five men on the way in.

Twitter was left startled and amazed by the sheer size of the Love Island star, with many people wondering if the arrival jeep got a lift on his shoulders on route to the South African villa.

Naturally – or unnaturally depending on your view here – fans have tainted Ched’s arrival be claiming that he is on steroids.

So what do we know?

Who is Ched Uzor? And how old is he?

Ched is just 23 years old. A large part of the speculation regarding steroids has tied back to Ched’s age, with his sheer size almost unfathomable at such a young age.


Standing at 6ft3 and weighing anything from 100-115kg, Ched is loaded with fleshly muscle.

The Suffolk-born star is a scaffolder although he clearly has more of a passion for fitness. His Instagram page is full of crazy gym lifts while his bio promotes ‘online coaching, tailored diet plans and training programmes’.

And this is perhaps a reflection of the Instagram influencing culture we now live in. Why would anyone buy a training programme from a scaffolder with no qualifications in personal training, nutrition or fitness?

Oh yeah, cus’ he’s well ripped and has his own Protein discount code at UseCHED40!

Steroids and reality TV

Unfortunately, it’s common practice that some bodybuilder and fitness models use steroids without being open and honest about taking the performance-enhancing drugs.

This is then reflected in the media, where everyone from movie stars to reality TV contestants feel the pressure of needing to look like a professional athlete because it is the desired “aesthetic look”.

According to The Telegraph, the use of anabolic steroids between 16-24 year-olds has now increased from 0.1 per cent of the population to 0.4 per cent over the past few years.

However, the world of steroid use is not simple. There are many different steroids, from hormones such as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to anabolic steroids, which are all commonly used to promote muscle growth.

But there are just as many steroid-like chemicals used for weight loss or other fitness aims – it’s not as simple as taking steroids to gain size. As an example, former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews admitted to taking steroids while appearing on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here in 2015.

Spencer said:

I was under the impression recreational use of steroids was fine, especially as they seem to be, very worryingly, readily available.

Now 31, Spencer has always been renown for his toned figure but was never considered to have the size of a professional bodybuilder, consistently maintaining a weight between 80-85 kg and a low body fat percentage.

Without drug testing, there is no obvious way to tell who is a steroid user.

Is Ched Uzor on steroids?

Unfortunately, there is no way of telling if Ched is on steroids or not.

However, an analysis of Instagram doesn’t exactly fill Reality Titbit with confidence. As steroid use accelerates muscle growth at an abnormal rate, an obvious sign is a sudden transformation opposed to a gradual 2-10 year progression.

Ched has no pictures on Instagram where he has a different physique – which raises questions. In 2017, age 21, he was equally as gigantic.

Ched’s gym stats are seriously impressive no matter how you look at it, squatting over 200kg and making a 50kg dumbbell shoulder press (yes, 50kg on both sides) look like child’s play.

In a 2019 article with Reality Titbit, we investigated the potential use of steroids with personal trainer Liam Holder, who analysed the likes of Michael Griffiths and Anton Danyluk.

Speaking of Michael, Liam said: “You are never going to get a clear cut answer whether he does use steroids or not but in my opinion, I don’t think he is. He has a great physique but if he started lifting weights when he was 18, that’s nine years of experience in the gym. With a very physical job like he does then its also going to help.”

Clearly, there is no simple answer for Ched and it is presumed that some form of drug testing is done before contestants join the ITV villa.

So, all we can really do is leave this here…