Street Outlaws America’s List is back for season 2 in 2022. The show first kicked off in 2021 on Discovery as a spin-off series of Street Outlaws. The series sees street racers from Memphis, Texas, Detroit, Cali and more compete to be in the top spot each week.

The racers are ranked on a list of the best street racers in the USA. So, let’s get to know the people who are putting the pedal to the metal and meet the Street Outlaws America’s List Top 25…

Is It Cake? | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is It Cake? | Official Trailer | Netflix

Street Outlaws America’s List season 2 explored

Kicking off from Monday, March 21st on Discovery is Street Outlaws America’s List.

The show airs at 8 pm ET on Mondays.

As per Discovery: “The racers are burning rubber on the blacktop roads in South Texas with new rules that allow racers to move up the list faster than ever before“.

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Who is in the Street Outlaws America’s List Top 25?

Only the best of the best have made it into Street Outlaws America’s List’s Top 25.

The show sees racers such as Jeff Lutz, Precious, Boddie, Monza, Chuck, Big Chief, Damon, Dominator, Jeff James, Kye Kelley, Jim Howe, Chelsea, Eric Bain, JJ da Boss, Scott Taylor, Ryan Martin, Axman, Daddy Dave, Shawn Ellington AKA Murda Nova and Lizzie Musi racing each week.

America’s List usually sees the top 20 racers from all over the USA competing to find out who is number one in the nation. However, season 2 features 25 racers.

Season 2 episode 1 ’25 Is the New 20′, aired on March 21st, 2022.

Meet Street Outlaws America’s List Top 25 on IG

Each week the selected Top 25 go head to head on Street Outlaws America’s List. As well as street racers, the cast on the show are technically reality TV stars, too, and many of them have quite impressive social media followings.

Boddie’s racing Instagram page has almost 62K followers @teamboddiepresents.

Kye Kelly has 164K followers on Instagram and can be found @therealkyekelley.

Follow Lizzi Musi, who has 271K followers on Instagram, @lizzymusi.

On Twitter, Shawn Ellington AKA Murda Nova can be found @murdernova with over 81K followers.

Other members of the racers’ teams will also feature on the show and the After Hours show which airs Tuesdays at 9pm ET on Discovery.

As per Discovery: “During these four, one-hour specials, viewers will follow The 405, Team NOLA, and Memphis work on their cars in preparation for the list races, test races near the border of Mexico, and, “drive” their teammates crazy as they find ways to blow off steam while living together.

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