Street Outlaw's Chuck Seitsinger age and relationship status revealed
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Street Outlaw's Chuck Seitsinger age and relationship status revealed

Chuck Seitsinger is a Street Outlaws OG, however, we don’t find out all the details on racer’s personal lives on the show, which secretly we all want to know.

Street Outlaws allows racing fanatics to take a ride in the driver’s seat, as we watch the ins and outs of the illegal street racing world. In the racer’s eyes, they’ll do whatever it takes to take the crown, which has led to devastating accidents and crashes amongst the series.

Chuck Seitsinger has been involved in his fair share of accidents and victories throughout his years of racing. Let’s get to know the Street Outlaw’s star a little better…

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Radford Returns | Official Trailer | discovery+

How old is Chuck?

Chuck was born on the 18th of February 1970, meaning he will be turning 52 this month in 2022.

He was born on this day in Edmond, Oklahoma, and now resides in Mustang, Oklahoma.

Chuck has spent the majority of his fifty years racing, and he began driving as soon as he was old enough during his senior year, and has never looked back.

From a young age, he would watch street racing shows in his local city.

Chuck Seitsinger’s family explored

Chuck is nothing short of a family man and regularly boasts about his three daughters on his Instagram. His daughters are called Chelsea, Madelyn (17), and Miranda (14). He is no longer with the mother of his children, and her name is unknown to the public, as Chuck has decided to keep this part of his life private

However, there is now a new woman in his life. There were rumors that Chuck’s new girlfriend is Elisa Noelle, however, these are not true, as as of 2021, Elisa is married to Bradford Skeldorado.

The name of Chuck’s new girlfriend is unknown.

Chuck’s racing career has been very successful

As Chuck has been driving for as long as he can remember, it’s no wonder he’s picked up his fair share of awards along the way.

According to Street Outlaw’s website, Chuck “was crowned Rookie of the Year by the NOPI Drag Racing Association and won the 2004 Nitrous Express P/4 XBOX Cup Championship in the 4 Cylinder division”. He has also proved through his years of racing that “he drives the fastest small tire car in the 405 with his 89’ Ford Fox Body Mustang, Death Trap”



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