Who is Super Salon's Dan? Do you RECOGNISE the salon co-owner?

The first episode of E4’s The Super Salon aired on Monday, September 17th, at 10 pm.

The show takes a look inside one of the U.K’s largest and most unusual salons.

We were introduced to the Sheffield stylists and saw their ‘curls and cocktails’ promotion turn into a full-blown p**s up!

Super Salon co-owner, Dan Hatfield, was less than impressed with the crazy antics and looks to be the salon’s voice of reason.

So, who is Super Salon’s Dan? Why do we recognise him?

Have We Seen Super Salon’s Dan Before?

Dan Hatfield was the TV presenter of Channel 4’s Posh Pawnbrokers.

He now has a new Channel 4 show, Collection Hunters, which is along the same antique lines.

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Businessman Dan is listed as a director of four companies, LRL Jewellery Ltd, The Collection Hunter Limited, Street City Limited and Pizza Truck Limited.

Screenshot Channel 4 Collection Hunters Dan Hatfield

What is Dan’s Role in E4’s The Super Salon?

Dan is a shareholder in the Sheffield  Super Salon (The Super Salon’s real name is actually The Stylebar).

The 36-year-old has been branded ‘the fun police’ following the shows antics on Monday night. (17th September)

While his sister and salon owner, Cherise, was planning salon events no expenses spared, Dan was always on hand to question whether £1,000 should’ve been spent on an industrial candy floss machine.

Even before his outrage about the candy floss machine, the dozens of boxes of sweets sent Dan over the edge.

He said:

We’re supposed to be making money, not spending it!

Dan and his sister, Cherise make for hilarious reality TV as they constantly butt heads on the E4 show.

Their bickering usually comes after Cherise’s excessive purchases to poor Dan’s sheer confusion.

Dan Hatfield Likes the Finer Things in Life

If we can gather anything about Dan it’s that he likes a bit of luxury – but he’s sensible about his spending.

In episode one, his sister, Cherise, was popping bottles here there and everywhere for customers.

But Dan was adamant a ‘four finger prosecco rule’ should be put in place.

Dan was horrified on episode one of The Super Salon when a member of staff left a suggestion that he should ‘stop being miserable and stop giving Cherise a hard time’.

He said:

I’m not miserable I like candy floss and fun!

Don’t worry, we think you’re fun Dan.

Candy floss, sweets and fun are the least of Dan’s worries this coming week as Cherise plans an event with unicorns, rainbow flags and drag queens!

Where is The Super Salon? E4’s new series where they PAMPER as hard as they party!


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