Supersize My Pool: Who is host Mario Lopez? He just had his third son!

As far as reality TV spin-offs come, there are few series out there as random as Supersize My Pool.

Airing every Saturday on HGTV at 9 pm, the show follows host Mario Lopez as he surprises families not only with his random celebrity appearance but by pimping their backyard with a brand new pool.

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again!

Here’s everything you need to know about the loveable host who recently welcomed his third child into the world.

Gia Francesca Lopez, Dominic Lopez, Mario Lopez, and Courtney Laine Mazza attend the world premiere of Disney and Pixar’s TOY STORY 4

What is Supersize My Pool?

The premise of the show sees people across the United States send Mario videos requesting his help for an upgrade on their backyard.

Mario, with the help of an experienced crew given the fact he doesn’t have much gardening experience, go all out on the redesign of the landscape featuring everything from water slides to hot tubs and luxury pools.

Mario told

I felt like Willy Wonka taking care of these people. It’s a fun summer show and it reminded me of Pimp My Ride, but I’m pimping out people’s pools. Not just the pool, the whole back yard.

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Who is Mario Lopez?

Fans of Save by the Bell may be shocked to know that Mario made his TV debut while appearing on the hit children’s TV series.

Yes, Mario played A.C Lopez, the slick, tanned a sweet teenage heartthrob for many youngsters across the globe.

Now 45 years old, Mario was 16 at the time of portraying A.C. Since then, he moved into TV presenting and earned gigs on Dancing with the Stars, America’s Best Dance Crew as well as co-hosting The X Factor USA in 2012.

Meet Mario’s adorable family!

Mario and wife Courtney Mazza, a Broadway dancer, recently welcomed baby Santino Rafael into the world, uploading his first-ever photo to Instagram on July 8th.

Santino joins Dominic and Gia as one of America’s cutest family.

You can follow Mario on Instagram under @mariolopez, where he has 1.3 million followers.

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