Superstore: Why is America Ferrera leaving the hit NBC sitcom?

America Ferrera will bid farewell to Superstore this evening with the landmark 100th episode, but why is the lead actress leaving the hit NBC sitcom?

Tonight, fans will celebrate the 100th episode of Superstore, but it may not be all cheer with Amy officially leaving store 1217 as she climbs up the Cloud 9 management ladder.

Fan-favourite actress America Ferrera was initially meant to leave Superstore in the season 5 finale.

However, after production on the series was significantly affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it was decided that she would remain at Superstore until the 100th episode this evening.

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Why is America Ferrera leaving Superstore?

  • America Ferrera is leaving the hit NBC series ‘Superstore’ so that she can focus on the next chapter of her family and career.

In an Instagram post that now has nearly 70,000 likes, Ferrera explained that her work on Superstore has “been some of the most, rewarding, enriching and enjoyable years of my career.”

“As I start the next chapter for my family and career, I wish only the best, and much continued success, to my beloved Superstore family.” – America Ferrera, via Instagram.

Ferrera and her husband, Ryan Piers Williams, welcomed their second child, Lucia, in early May. Williams posted to Instagram following the birth, saying “Please meet the newest member of our family, Lucia Marisol Williams. She came just in time for Mother’s Day. Everyone is healthy and happy!”


According to her IMDB and Wikipedia page, Ferrera does not have any upcoming film or television projects. However, a second season of the hit Netflix series ‘Gentefied’, which Ferrera is an executive producer and director of, is expected to return in 2021.

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Will America Ferrera return to Superstore?

Whilst Ferrera may be leaving Superstore, her character is only moving up the management ladder to another store.

This leaves open the possibility that Amy could make cameo appearances in the upcoming seasons of Superstore – a possibility that has not been ruled out by either Ferrera or the production team.

However, any re-appearance from Ferrera would likely only be either fleeting cameos or at season finales/major moments within the series.

For this reason, it’s important to be patient and see how season 6 of Superstore will develop over the next few weeks.

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