On episode 11 of Survival of The Fittest and tensions ran high in camp with the looming eviction of one of the males.

It was a bloke name Joel who was eventually shown the door, a character we barely got to know having only just arrived in the South African savanna lodge a couple days prior.

However, in the build up to Joel’s eviction and a kiss between Joel and Charlotte revved up the tension levels around The Lodge, leading Callum to lash out.


Game plans and tactics have been a reoccurring conversation theme throughout the SOTF week, with Charlotte outcasted by the boys and Joel looking for a way in.

So, what do you know, Joel and Charlotte decided to forge forces with their lips, hoping romance would save their skins when it came to future evictions.

A by-standing Callum caught the action and, like an excited kid, ran around The Lodge to tell everyone the gossip.

He shouted: “I just caught them kissing.”

Newcomer Sydney soon interrupted Callum’s rant however, telling the joker of the pack to “stop being a grass”.

Looking kinda dumbfounded, Callum dashed off to tell his boys that Sydney had put him in his place.

He told David, who was also consoled having previously been the one snogging Charlotte’s face off, and also Tristan.

Callum joked abut Sydney’s attitude saying:

“You’ll address me as sir please”

Later in the show and the girls won their second consecutive challenge, meaning they will again have the choice to bid farewell to one of the guys.

It’s safe to say the girls enjoyed their victory, reciting the boys’ usual victory chant.

The show finished with that guy Joel voted off, and the girls power tripping through their recent victories.

There was still time for newbie Sydney to grab a couple of dirty looks from the girls however, saying how “they had been waiting for a final member of the crew” and were now “stronger” because of her arrival.

Better hope those boys don’t win the next task, because Sydney currently sits towards the top of the chopping board.

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