Is there going to be a Survival of the Fittest SERIES 2?

With Love Island well out of the way and winter fast approaching, ITV fans have been wondering if Survival of the Fittest will be making another appearance.

The series launched in February 2018 and kept reality TV addicts entertained over the colder months.

However, the series wasn’t a huge success, with many labelling the show a ‘knock-off’ version of Love Island, with very same-same characters.

So, is there going to be a Survival of the Fittest series 2?

Survival Of The Fittest on ITV2: Sam, Jenny, Mariam and Mettisse.

Will There be a Survival of the Fittest Series 2?

The short answer is no.

ITV have decided not to renew Survival of the Fittest for a second series.

A SOTF spokesperson told Digital Spy:

There are no current plans for a further series of Survival of the Fittest.

Survival Of The Fittest: James, David, Tristan and Warren.

It was an ambitious and brilliantly produced show and we’d like to thank Laura, Brennan and all the team who worked on it.

What Was Survival of the Fittest About?

The series followed a group of young singletons competing against one other physically and mentally.

A team of girls and a team of boys went head-to-head in a series of challenges to determine which sex wins.

There were supposed to be more twists of romance, with the rival boy and girl teams encouraged to hook up. However, as this didn’t happen, the series ended up more like a semi-naked Total Wipeout then it did Love Island.

Who Won Survival of the Fittest Series 1?

The girl team won the overall series; Mariam Musa, Mettisse Campbell, Jenny West, Sam Dewhurst.

Dani Dyer was an original member of the cast although she had to pull out with a shoulder injury before later joining Love Island, in what proved her best career move to date.

Mettisse Campbell was voted the ‘fittest girl’ of the competition, crowning her the individual Queen of the comp.

She’s still with Tristan Jones, the boy she met during the competition, and now has almost 250,000 followers on Instagram.



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