Survival of The Fittest: Tia evicted, new female member, first kiss of the series

Survival of The Fittest: Tia evicted, new female member, first kiss of the series

Survival of The Fittest kicked off all but two days ago yet the brand new ITV2 reality TV series has already seen plenty of drama.

On day one and Dani Mas Dyer, daughter of Eastenders actor Danny Dyer, dislocated her shoulder during the assault course.

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am – Dani was forced to leave the show.

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest –

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest –

Opening up a space for a new female member to join the gang in their luxurious South Africa lodge, the boys desperately awaited the unveiling of their new arrival with waggling tongues.

However for the women tensions ran high around the camp. The remaining females were all at risk of being booted off the show after losing the physical challenge on day one, giving the lads a small advantage.

Survival Of The Fittest – all the girls

Completing the assault course eight minutes slower than their male rivals, all the females were placed under the pressure of public eviction.

The final result saw Tia Latham, the 28-year-old model from Buckinghamshire, facing the axe.

Survival Of The Fittest – TIA LATHAM, the first to be evicted

The boys had a choice between Mariam Musa, Georgie Cole and Tia – the three female contestants who had received the lowest public vote – and hand-picked Tia to make her exit across rickety bridge.

An exit that Tia executed in her usual grace.

Tia added: “Amazing. I couldn’t have imagined anything like it.

“After a while you forget that the cameras are there and you start settling in.

“I think on the first morning I woke up, I farted. I really settled in! All the girls were cracking up, it was hilarious!”

Thoughts about Tia, and her bum rubbish, soon vanished into thin air with a new hot singleton entering the SOTF lodge.

Welsh blonde beauty Lottie glided into The Lodge in her bikini and best Batman summer cape, catching the attention of both Callum and Warren.

Although Lottie had previously insisted that she was “in it to win it” and that she would be steering clear of the enemy and “keeping to the Girl Code”, Callum soon tested her metal as the two got to know one other better.

Albeit with Callum spouting some absolute nonsense when it came to his knowledge of the South African savanna and its animals.

With no physical challenge in episode two (Monday 12, February,2018) the only other drama saw the first kiss of the Survival of The Fittest series with Georgia and ‘Camo’ David having a quick snog.

Survival Of The Fittest – First kiss of the series

Survival of The Fittest airs Monday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2 this week.

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