R ‘n’ B singer R Kelly has had multiple sexual abuse and misconduct allegations made against him since the 1990s.

In the first week of 2019, a three-part docu-series ‘Surviving R Kelly’ aired on U.S. channel Lifetime.

The programme details the allegations made against the singer and songwriter ranging from physical abuse to holding women in his home in a ‘cult-like’ organisation.

One of the women still living at R Kelly’s house is Jocelyn Savage. So, who is Jocelyn?

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Who is Jocelyn Savage?

Like a lot of 19-year-olds, Jocelyn Savage had a close-knit family, attended college and had a dream of becoming a singer.

However, Jocelyn was fortunate enough to be put into contact with R Kelly by her parents (Timothy and Jonjelyn) in a bid to kick off a musical career.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly in 2018, the parents said that R Kelly flew them and their daughter out to a concert where he said that Jocelyn would be his ‘protege’.

But after R Kelly and Jocelyn met in person, their relationship became less professional. Jocelyn’s parents said:

Without our knowledge, she was definitely being contacted.

On U.S. talk show Megyn Kelly Today, the parents stated that they found out from their daughter’s college roommate that she didn’t show up for the Spring 2017 semester.

Her parents later said that Jocelyn was, in fact, living with R Kelly.

R Kelly Allegations

In 2002, R Kelly went to court in relation to child pornography allegations which surfaced after a video allegedly showed the then 36-year-old engaging in sex with an underage girl.

In the same Megyn Kelly interview, Jocelyn’s mum said that she had heard of these allegations but couldn’t say whether the accusations were true.

R Kelly has denied all accusations made against him.


Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage

Jocelyn’s parents (Timothy and Jonjelyn) claim that their daughter is being held against her will by R Kelly and that she has been brainwashed.

Her father said that he thinks her daughter isn’t speaking for herself in statements, adding that “she’s being controlled”.

Jonjelyn said:

What he’s doing to these girls in unbelievable. Possibly nine young ladies have already come out and there’s possibly four or five still in the home including my daughter.

Stockbridge, GA, January 21, 2018. Jonjelyn and Tim Savage at their home in Stockbridge, GA. The Savages believe that their daughter Joycelyn Savage is being abused by singer R. Kelly. (Photo by Michael A. Schwarz/For the Washington Post).

Timothy added:

We talk to women on a daily basis who contact us that he’s given STD’s to that are incurable. We want to be there for those women. We fight not just for Jocelyn but for the other women that are out there that he’s doing this to.”

Where is Jocelyn Now?

As of January 2019 Jocelyn, 22, is still living with R Kelly.

In 2017, Jocelyn spoke to TMZ and said that she “wants everyone in the world to know that she’s totally fine.”

The TMZ interviewer asked if she was currently in Georgia and if she was with other roommates or allowed to leave the premises.

Jocelyn replied: “I wouldn’t want to speak on that.”

She was interviewed in L.A. in May 2018 and was asked why her family always say she’s being held captive.

Jocelyn said:

Well you know there are rumours out there, people are saying that I’m captive and I’m a hostage. Well obviously that’s not true I’m out here enjoying life, as you can see.

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