Swamp People: Meet Dorien Edgar, returning cast member for season 12!

Dorien Edgar is one of the cast members of Swamp People season 12. The new season kicked off from February 4th on HISTORY and sees the ‘Swamp People’ do what they do best – hunt alligators!

Swamp People season 12 features a familiar face for OG fans of the show. Dorien appeared on the programme before but took a break. Now, he’s back, so let’s get to know more about the HISTORY star.

Screenshot: Swamp People: Daniel Can’t Pay Dorien (Season 9, Episode 1) | History YouTube

Swamp People: Meet Dorien Edgar

Dorien Edgar is a member of the show’s Edgar family. Swamp People features the Landry, Choate, and Edwards families as well as many more cast members such as Pickle Wheat and Bruce Mitchell.

Dorien previously appeared on Swamp People, but due to not making enough money out of alligator hunting, he went to work in Texas.

Swamp People season 9 episode 1 saw Dorien say: “I’ve got to make some money. I love to be here and I want to be here but, where I’m at in my life, I need to make guaranteed money.

Who is Dorien Edgar’s father?

Dorien’s father, Dwaine, is also appearing in Swamp People season 12. According to HISTORY: “This year, he’s relieved to be fishing with his older brother Joey, rather than his father Daniel“.

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Daniel Edgar, known as The Gator Hunter, is Dorien’s grandfather. The pair will most likely be out hunting together during season 12. Dorien’s uncle Joey will also appear on Swamp People this season.

From Dorien’s Facebook page, it looks as though his mother is named Adrienne.

Swamp People: Is Dorien on Instagram?

Dorien Edgar is on social media, including Instagram, however, he doesn’t seem to be particularly active on any sites.

Follow Dorien on IG @edgardorien and Twitter @dorien_edgar. The Edgar family also have their own Facebook page.

By the looks of things, Dorien prefers to keep his private life to himself. The Swamp People star doesn’t appear to share his age, relationship status or anything else with the public. However, he certainly has fans despite not being active on social media.

One Twitter user wrote: “Dorien Edgar is fine as AF #SwampPeople“, while another said: “Is it just me, or does Daniel push Dorien way too hard? #SwampPeople“.



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