Swamp People: Who is Chelsea Kinsey? Is she Chase Landry's wife?

Chelsea Kinsey Landry is rumoured to be the wife of one of the stars of History’s Swamp People. Let’s get to know Chelsea, Chase Landry and the rest of the family.

Filmed in the swamplands of South Lousiana, History show Swamp People takes a look at the people who “swamp” for a living culling alligators. According to IMDb, the history of the swamplands dates back to the 17th century. The show takes a look at how the swampers deal with an ever-modernizing world.

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Who is Chelsea Kinsey Landry?

Chelsea Kinsey is rumoured to be the ex-wife of Swamp People cast member Chase Landry.

Boat captain Chase is “directly descended from five generations of alligator hunters and fishers” according to Swamp People Cast.

Chase is Troy Landry’s son and he and his brothers, Jacob and Brandon, work on the Bayou.

Although Swamp People has been airing for over 10 years, it doesn’t look as though Chase’s ex, Chelsea, has ever appeared on the show according to IMDb.

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Chelsea Kinsey and Chase Landry

It’s unclear how long Chase and Chelsea were in a relationship or when they got married as the couple clearly preferred to keep their love life private.

In 2017, they welcomed their first child together, a daughter, named Riley Blake Landry.

Chase, 32, doesn’t look to be particularly active on social media even though he has a Twitter following of around 50k. Chase’s wife, Chelsea, doesn’t look to be on Instagram either. Its seems that it’s only the head of the Landry family, Troy, who is on IG.

Is Chase dating Pickle Wheat?

As of October 2020, it looks as though Chase was dating fellow Swamp People cast member Pickle Wheat.

The Cinemaholic reported that “if reports are to be believed, Chase was once married to Chelsea Kinsey… although they may have separated after a few years”.

Following his potential separation Chelsea, it looks as though Chase moved on with a fellow hunter. According to Facebook, Chase and Pickle, whose real name is Cheyenne Wheat, were tagged as “in a relationship” on October 25th 2020.

Cheyenne is also on Instagram @cwigalo with over 2,600 followers however she hasn’t posted since 2019.

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