Tallia Storm and Jade Jones CLASH in explosive Celebs Go Dating episode

Tallia Storm and Jade Jones CLASH in explosive Celebs Go Dating episode

Tallia Storm and Jade Jones clashed in one of the most tense episodes of Celebs Go Dating this series.

The three girls in London Hughes, Tallia and Jade were all sent packing to Cardiff for a series of group and double dates.

What we weren’t expecting however, was for the girls to get into an argument over the same boy.

And if you’ve watched Celebs Go Dating before, you’d know that getting on the wrong side of Tallia probably isn’t wise. Oh, and you’d be aware that Jade is an Olympic gold medallist in taekwondo!

Ding, ding – what a matchup.


The first task for the three girls was at a unique dating workshop, where they were paired with dates and required to create a portoirt of their partner.

Jade quipped: “Is there a winner . . . or”

To which London jokingly replied: “This is not the Olympics, why are you so competitive!”

London and date wrestler ‘Stevey Star” were blossoming well, although the big revel of their paintings could have easily put London off.

Let’s just say that wrestlers aren’t historically known for their artwork.

Screen Shot: London Hughes according to wrestler/painter ‘Steven Star’

Jade didn’t seem overly keen on her match Danny while Tallia was boring her date into submission by yapping on about herself.

She said: “I just wanna keep releasing music . . perform live . . show people that like,” – yada, yada, yada,


Things heated up in round two of the date because Jade’s date could no-longer attend, leaving the three girls to flirt about with two guys at the bar.

Bearded barber Kristian caught the eye of both Tallia and Jade, forcing the ladies to fight it out over the Welshman.

Talia said: “This guy is great, I’m really feeling a connection.”

At this point and Jade snuck in to say “can I try your drinks” (classic) leaving Tallia with little choice but to let her mate snake in on her date.

Screen Shot: Tallia, Kristian and Jade – Celebs Go Dating

Trapped between the two, poor Kristian invited Jade to make a cocktail with them, creating a sort of threesome date that you’d only ever witness on The Bachelor.

Tallia snapped to camera exclaiming: “Tread on peoples toes, steal other girls’ guys, mug people off – take your pick.”

However, the most awkward situation happened when it came to the pick, with Jade flooring Tallia to the canvas – non-literally of course.


With each girl given the choice of picking any man they had met during the two dates . . . yeah, you know where this is going.

Given the first pick and Jade snapped up Kristian, right from under the nose of Tallia, whose blood was now boiling.

To camera, Tallia said: “Talk about a two-faced bitch.”

Screen Shot: Kristian is at the centre of the drama – Celebs Go Dating

Tallia went on to pick Jades previous date Danny, furious at her mate for her actions and going on to label Jade “Muggy Jade”.


At the final dinner date Tallia could NOT STOP gossiping about Jade.

She went off on a super weird tangent about how her ‘training’ as a singer was similar to her Olympic taekwondo rival – hmm – and constantly glanced over to see how Jade’s date was going.

But, Jade hit back, daring her date to steal a chip from Tallia’s table.

Kristian obliged, and it all kicked off.

Tallia shrieked: “Thats disgusting.”

Screen Shot: Chip steal!

She squawked at her date Danny, telling him to hit back and to retaliate, egging him on for some sort of revenge-fuelled food fight.

A Tranquil Danny could only respond “no it’s fine, I’m calm” and Tallia went back to sporting her ‘resting b*tch face’, seriously unimpressed by her man’s lack of “fire”.

The episode finished with only London’s date considered a success, and audiences are now dying to see the date debrief process, with Jade and Tallia destined to come to more blows.

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