Tamisha Iman has always been pretty outspoken when it comes to fellow Drag Race star Monet X Change. The 50-year-old took to IGTV to announce that she’s to have her own show as well as stating that Monet X Change is about to get read…

Tamisha Iman has been on the drag scene for over 30 years, so it’s no wonder that she feels it’s time to air her opinions on the other drag stars. In her IGTV video, she said to Monet X Change: “Tamisha Iman is really coming for you“.

Tamisha Iman announces new show

Over three IGTV videos, Tamisha Iman shared some revelations with her followers in April and May of 2021. Former drag girls should “get ready to be read” according to Tamisha who says she’s lasted in this industry for 30 years and was here “before Google”.

Her new show starts on Tuesday, May 4th on YouTube. The reason for Tamisha’s YouTube debut? She says she’s taking to her own channel because she previously “sat back and let a lady read me, ‘the icon'”.

Tamisha added: “I’m not petty as people think but now that the season is over… I’m going to make an example of Monet“.

She also said on her IG video: “I am not one of the girls’ favourites but I am appreciative to be a fan favourite“.

What happened between Tamisha Iman and Monet X Change?

Tamisha Iman says she’s “never said a word” about Monet X Change during seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but Monet has consistently “read” her.

Tamisha stated in her IGTV that she has Monet X Change blocked on Instagram, because, in her words: “I have tried to spare her the entire time I was on the show“.

By the sounds of Tamisha Iman’s IGTV video, she wants to go over Monet X Change’s history before the show as well as her looks on RPDR in the same way that people have critiqued hers.

Monet X Change on Sibling Rivalry

Tamisha Iman cited Monet X Change’s YouTube channel, Sibling Rivalry, during the IGTV trio of videos. Monet often takes to YouTube on Sibling Rivalry with Bob The Drag Queen.

Tamisha looks to be creating her own YouTube channel in some kind of retaliation to all the comments that have come her way over the years, she said: “Monet has read me every chance she has got“.

Tamisha ended one of her IG videos: “I didn’t start this, but b**** I’m gon’ end it“.