Tammy Slaton is back on our screens as she navigates a weight loss program on 1000-lb Sisters. We explore her challenging journey…

Known as one half of the Slaton sisters, alongside sibling Amy, she is now trying to drop the pounds and take on a healthier lifestyle.

The latest clip released ahead of the new TLC season shows that she has lost weight, before revealing she’s learned enough to go home from rehab.

Before and after pictures, as well as Tammy’s latest weight update, are all explored by Reality Titbit. Let’s find out if she has reached her goals so far.

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1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

Tammy’s weight journey

With the sisters both living together, Tammy was often seen relying on Amy, which saw the siblings getting into some arguments.

They chucked away junk food that was inside their kitchen, after spending years of eating unhealthily and putting on the pounds.

She went on to lose some weight, but it didn’t last long. Several viewers were shocked that Tammy is alive due to her regaining the weight she lost.

After the gain, Tammy was told she had an 80 per cent chance of dying.

Dr Proctor said she could die in the next five years as a result of the weight, which recently reached 689 pounds when she entered rehab.

Tammy is also regularly seen on Tiktok with a breathing tube to help her with her oxygen intake, which fans have become concerned about.

But in order to qualify for weight loss surgery, she needs to drop pounds.

Tammy Slaton: Before and after

Tammy has dropped 60 pounds, after being ordered to lose 100 when entering rehabilitation. Since then, she said she’s ready to go home.

Revealing that she plans to order one burger each day, the TLC star claimed she has now learned what she needs to do to lose weight.

Now, Tammy weighs 631 pounds, a significant amount less than her original 685 lbs! She admitted she never thought she could have done it.

Although the weight loss isn’t completely noticeable yet, it just might be if she continues with her weight loss program…

However, recent Instagram posts show Tammy vaping while using an oxygen breathing tube, which left fans angry. Some also noticed that she “looks larger” despite her progress on 1000-lb Sisters.

Screenshot: Tammy Must Lose 100 Pounds | 1000-lb Sisters, TLC YouTube
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Her sister Amy is an inspiration

Amy has gone from 406 pounds (29 stone) to 276 pounds, and lost the weight she needed to get surgery!

Now, she appears to have lose even more weight, and is currently looking after her son Gage. In April, she revealed “a lot has changed” on Instagram.

The initial reason which pushed her to drop the pounds is because she struggled to get pregnant previously.

She even donned a bathing suit alongside her son and partner. Many fans of Amy congratulated her and urged her to continue with her journey.



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