Why did Tanner leave Naked and Afraid, what happened to him? Season 13 Episode 3 explored

Why did Tanner leave Naked and Afraid, what happened to him? Season 13 Episode 3 explored

Season 13 Episode 3 of Naked and Afraid started off on an unexpected note as three contestants were introduced, as opposed to the usual two. However, the third and final contestant to join, Tanner, left the show midway, and fans are wondering what happened to him. 

Titled The Death Ledge, the latest episode saw Brittany, Tanner, and Ashao test their skills in the coastal rainforest of Ecuador. While navigating massive rock cliffs and hunting for food wasn’t easy, two stuck along, but Tanner decided to walk out of the show. 

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Why did Tanner leave Naked and Afraid

Tanner’s exit has taught us that surviving in a forest isn’t only about one’s physical prowess.

Even though he was showing support to Brittany, who was sick all along, and hunting for his fellow contestants, on the night of Day 8, Tanner had a panic attack. 

Unable to sleep through the night, Tanner was seen telling on camera that his mind wasn’t in the right state and he was experiencing a “mental block”. 

The next morning, Tanner informs Brittany and Ashoa that he has decided to discontinue his journey on the show. He is seen being escorted out by the producer. 

Tanner’s exit led to his PSR dropping from 6.8 to 5.9.  

Rhodes to the Top | Promo Trailer | TNT

Rhodes to the Top | Promo Trailer | TNT

Who is Tanner? 

Tanner was one of the three contestants in the latest episode of Naked and Afraid. The 23 year-old-old hails from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 

A fisherman by profession, Tanner was described to be “athletic” and “sheltered”. 

Even though he was the last of the contestants to enter the latest installment, he seemed more determined than Brittany and Ashoa, until a few challenges bogged him down. 

Soon after his journey on the show began, Tanner suffered a deep cut on his palm. The injury was treated by a medic, but the cut did impact his performance as it limited his moments. 

However, Tanner pulled through the difficulties until Day 9, before he decided to leave. 

Brittany’s journey explored 

Meanwhile, Brittany also struggled to survive in the rainforest. Originally from Texas, she is an Equestrian Trainer with a “positive attitude”, who was described as “headstrong.” 

Although she seemed confident about making it on the show, she got sick within the first few days, which resulted in constant vomiting and dehydration. 

Unable to carry on further, she decided to leave the show after Tanner’s exit, thus leaving Survival Instructor Ashoa by himself. 

Brittany and most viewers doubted Ashoa’s chances on the show, mainly because of his nerdy looks, but he’s now the last one to survive. Despite no prior jungle experience, his strong will kept him going. But, can he make it till the end? 

Naked and Afraid airs on Discovery on Sundays. 

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