When will Taskmaster air series 12? Release date and line-up explored!
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When will Taskmaster air series 12? Release date and line-up explored!

Channel 4’s Taskmaster has announced its line-up series 12 – here is the release date explored.

Taskmaster is a BAFTA Award-winning programme hosted by Greg Davies and Alex Horne. Providing comedy to Channel 4 viewers, often in the most bizarre ways possible, Taskmaster sees a variety of celebrities and comedians carry out all kinds of tasks.

Greg Davies judges each contestant’s performance while Alex Horne is the show’s umpire. The Taskmaster winner bags themselves a trophy which is essentially Greg’s head sprayed with gold paint.

Taskmaster Series 11 Group Shot – Channel 4

Will Taskmaster renew for series 12?

Yes, Taskmaster will return for a twelfth series.

Following series 11, the show will also have a “Champions of Champions” special in 2021.

In 2019, Channel 4 became the new home for Taskmaster as the show moved over from Dave. As per a Channel 4 press release, “a six series deal across three years was agreed with Avalon“. Therefore, viewers can expect Taskmaster to be renewing for series 12.

It doesn’t look as though any news has been released on what will happen following Channel 4 and Avalon’s three-year deal, but we can’t imagine that Taskmaster will be going anywhere any time soon!

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Taskmaster series 12: Line-up

The Taskmaster series 12 cast has now been announced.

The new line-up includes the likes of Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell.

Former Taskmaster contestants have included Katherine Ryan, Romesh Ranganathan, Josh Widdicombe, Bob Mortimer, Ed Gamble, Katy Wix and many more!

Taskmaster s12: Is there a start date?

Taskmaster series usually air twice a year, with one series starting in May and another starting in September.

Series 10 and 11 didn’t follow this format so precisely, but it’s likely that the pandemic had something to do with the slightly different start dates of October and March.

For those wondering when the new series of Taskmaster starts, unfortunately there’s not a confirmed start date, but we could estimate that September could see series 12 on our TV screens!



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