Tattoo Fixers: We found Hugo on Instagram - Spice Girls megafan!

Tattoo Fixers are back in 2020 for a brand new instalment of the E4 show. The programme sees tonnes of UK residents get their dodgy ink sorted out by some of the country’s top tattoo artists.

To apply for and successfully get onto the show it seems that you’ve got have had a seriously bad tattoo done. And from watching Tattoo Fixers, it doesn’t look like there’s a shortage of people with them in 2020!

The hilarious yet extremely creative show airs on E4 on Wednesdays at 9 pm. Tattoo Fixers welcomed Hugo into the studio during episode 13 on Wednesday, January 29th. So what did he have done?

Screenshot: Tattoo Fixers Hugo – E4

Tattoo Fixers: Extreme – meet Hugo MacQueenie

Series 6 episode 13 saw Hugo MacQueenie walk through the Tattoo Fixer’s doors.

He arrived full of beans: “So, my name’s Hugo and I’m after a brand new tattoo!”

The 30-year-old hails from Manchester and is a self-confessed Spice Girls megafan.

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Hugo gave us some anecdotes about his experiences with the Spice Girls during episode 13, he said: “I’ve met everyone bar one of them. I used to work in Hamley’s they all came in individually with their kids. I carried Victoria Beckham’s shopping to her car and she gave me a fifty-pound note.”

Hugo was after something that symbolises every single one of the Spice Girls. And that’s exactly what Alice drew out for him.

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Screenshot: Tattoo Fixers Hugo – E4

Hugo on Instagram

Hugo clearly had a great time on Tattoo Fixers: Extreme as he took to Insta to document his experience.

You can find the Spice Girls lover on Insta as @hugomacqueenie where he has around 94,000 followers.

Hugo’s Instagram name is “The Living Advert” and by the looks of his profile, he’s living life to the fullest. From his account we can assume that he’s often paid to advertise a variety of brands from Marks and Spencer to Moon Pig and McDonald’s.

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