Netflix brought a new series to screens on July 29th 2021. Tattoo Redo sees peoples’ dodgy inkings covered up by some of the world’s most talented tattoo artists. For anyone wondering how much it might cost to have a cover-up carried out by one of the artists, let’s take a look.

Jessimae Peluso is the host of the new Netflix show. She, and her team of artists, guide the people who appear on the series through the process. there is a twist, though, the poorly-tattooed folk don’t get to choose their cover-up, but their friend who tags along with them chooses it for them!

tattoo redo netflix how much does it cost
Screenshot: Tattoo Redo Netflix how much does it cost?

Tattoo Redo: How much does it cost for a cover-up?

The Cinemaholic writes that the artists on Tattoo Redo “probably charge $80-$110 for an under 2-inch tattoo” because the average price for one ranges “from anywhere between $30 to $100 today“.

Inkably wrote in 2019 that, in the UK, a 2-inch tattoo can cost £90.

The Cinemaholic continues: “Those designs ranging from 2 to 6 inches can come between $200 to $500. Then, the price rises with the size. Otherwise, they can also charge a rate of $200 to $300 per hour“.

Each of the tattoo artists who appear on the show don’t look to provide a price list on their Instagram page or website. However, they’re all either nationally or internationally recognized in the field of tattoo artistry, therefore we can suggest that their prices will match their high skill level.

Do the Netflix stars pay for the tattoos?

Given the fact that the basis of the show is fixing peoples’ tattoos, it’s unlikely that the applicants to the show would have been charged a fee. Not only do the producers of the show make money from people watching it, but the artists who appear on Tattoo Redo gain a lot of exposure from doing tattoo cover-ups on the Netflix series.

It’s currently unconfirmed whether the fees are totally covered for the people who get tattoos on the show.

Some TV shows, such as HGTV’s Home Town Takeover, see the participants pay something for what they receive on the show. However, it’s most likely that the Tattoo Redo clients pay full whack for the artists’ work.

Tattoo Redo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tattoo Redo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix: Are Tattoo Redo applications open?

Currently, Tattoo Redo hasn’t been renewed for a second season, however, if the show is, we’ll be sure to update you here.

Season 1 was released on July 29th, 2021 with all six episodes ready to watch right away.

Given the response from viewers who have watched Tatto Redo season 1, Netflix may consider renewing the show for a second season. So far, it looks as though the majority of Twitter users are loving it!



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