Tawny Kitaen appeared in some iconic music videos during her career as well as series such as Hercules and movies including Bachelor Party. The actress and model sadly passed away in 2021 and her appearance on Botched was the last time she was seen on TV.

Tawny paid a visit to Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif for some much-needed help after she’d had quite the journey with her breast implants in her life and had undergone multiple surgeries. Tawny officially wanted to get off the ‘boob-train’ and turned two the two men best for the job.

Who was Tawny Kitaen?

Born Julie Ellen “Tawny” Kitaen in 1961, Tawny Kitaen was best known for appearing in music videos in the 80s and 90s such as Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again, Is This Love and The Deeper the Love.

She went on to play roles in movies such as Bachelor and Witch Party and appeared in TV series Seinfeld, Capitol and California Girls.

Tawny was married to Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale from 1998 until 1991 and later went on to marry retired baseball player Chuck Finley in 1997, however, they divorced in 2002. She had two daughters, Wynter and Raine, with Chuck Finley.

Tawny Kitaen on Botched

In 2017, Tawny Kitaen appeared on E! Entertainment’s Botched. She visited Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif’s surgery during season 4 wanting to have her breast implants removed.

The doctors asked Tawny why she wanted to get breast implants originally, she replied: “It must’ve been something inside of myself where I wasn’t feeling secure enough about myself and thought ‘well, this will take care of the problem’.

Tawny said that her fifth and sixth surgeries were where it “all really went wrong” and she added that the implants were “down to the bottom of her ribcage“.

Speaking of Tawny’s implants, Terry Dubrow said: “I applaud Tawny for wanting to get rid of them“.

What was Tawny Kitaen’s cause of death?

Tawny Kitaen passed away on May 7th, 2021 at the age of 59. The cause of her death wasn’t confirmed until five months after her passing.

As per USA Today: “The Orange County Sheriff’s Department in California confirmed to several media outlets that the star’s cause of death was dilated cardiomyopathy, a common type of heart disease.”

The report continued: “Other significant factors included mild coronary atherosclerosis and the medications mirtazapine, mirtazapine metabolite, alprazolam, acetaminophen, pregabalin and hydrocodone.



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