Temptation Island viewers want to know whether Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Brea are still together after the show’s finale.

This year’s series of the dating show came to an end on Tuesday (April 27th) with a reunion episode that revealed which couples decided to leave together, and which called it quits.

One of the couples that some fans are most excited about are Chelsea and Tom since they have had their ups and downs on the series.

So, are Tom and Chelsea still dating after their stint on Temptation Island?

Temptation Island - Season 3
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Temptation Island: Tom and Chelsea

Tom and Chelsea joined the cast of Temptation Island hoping that they will come out as a stronger couple than before.

The two have been dating for a year when they joined the show. Their relationship started through a mutual friend.

While on the show, Tom had his eyes on Sophia Perez, while Chelsea formed a connection with Blake Eyres.

Since their relationship and commitment to each other was tested on many levels, many viewers are wondering where the couple is after their appearances on the dating series.

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Are Tom and Chelsea still together?

Yes, Tom and Chelsea are still together!

The reunion episode revealed that the two decided to leave the show as a couple, confirming that Tom and Chelsea are still very much committed to each other.

Chelsea said: “It’s very amazing to me how far we’ve come since that bonfire, honestly. Because that bonfire, I walked in there, I was leaving alone. It’s still a struggle. It’s still work, but what relationship isn’t work? You have to put in work with anything that you do.”

To avoid revealing any spoilers before, Chelsea and Tom had completely deleted all of their pictures together on their Instagram profiles.

But they had been following each other on the social media site which was a slight hint for viewers that the two decided to stay together after the show.

Fans react to Chelsea and Tom

A number of Temptation Island viewers took to social media to share their reactions to Chelsea and Tom coming out as a couple after the show’s finale.

“I’m so happy for you both. I cried lol,” reacted one person in the comments of Tom’s picture.

“So happy for you and Chelsea!” said another one in the comment section.

Someone else added under Chelsea’s Insta post: “I was rooting for you and Tom THE WHOLE TIMEEEE, I love y’all.”


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