BBC Two loves to bring us an insightful documentary or two and The 1900 Island is likely to be a very interesting watch.

Four families from the UK are ready to give up life as they know it and experience what society was like around a century ago.

So, where was the programme filmed? Here’s everything you need to know about The 1900 Island location!
BBC Two – The 1900 Island

Where is The 1900 Island filmed?

The 1900 Island was filmed on Llanddwyn Island.

It’s a small island off the coast of Anglesey, in northwest Wales.

It is said that in 2009 a scene for Clash of the Titans was filmed there.

Because of its sand dunes, it is part of the National Nature Reserve of Newborough Warren.

What is The 1900 Island about?

While some of us love nothing more than the mod cons of the 21st century, some people despise the fact that society has become so modernised.

BBC Two’s The 1900 Island sees four families take part in a unique life experience.

They’re spending some time living as if its the year 1900, escaping the modern world and becoming a small fishing community.

They face hunger, extreme weather conditions experience life without running water or electricity.

The families’ lack of experience is put to the test in this back-in-time challenge!

Who are the families taking part in The 1900 Island?

There are four families taking part in The 1900 Island.

Hailing from all over the UK and a mixture of young and old, this group of 1900-ers should be well-equipped to endure the challenge of living life before the 21st century.

Ready to give up all the perks of modern life is welsh-speaking family of five – the Powers, Liverpudlian family of seven – the Davies, retirees Clive and Cheryl Barker and younger couple Kate Evans, a geography teacher, and Arwel John, a blacksmith.

You can follow and stay up-to-date with the Davies family on Instagram – @thedaviesfamily1900island.


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