The Apprentice: 7 STUNNING photos of Sabrina Stocker on Instagram!
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The Apprentice: 7 STUNNING photos of Sabrina Stocker on Instagram!

Sabrina Stocker has made it into the final nine Apprentice candidates – and it’s not by beauty alone!

The 22-year-old entrepreneur started her business adventure in 2014 and now owns a tennis events company having played at a high level on the courts.

Here are seven stunning photos from Sabrina Stocker’s Instagram.

Sabrina Stocker – (C) Boundless Taylor Herring – Photographer: Jim Marks

Hot Coffee

Ahead of Sabrina’s appearance on The Apprentice, she came up with the superb analogy of comparing herself to a scrumptious espresso martini.

Sabrina said:

I’m like an espresso martini: classy and sophisticated on the outside. Inside, a little bit crazy!

Hats Off to That

Sabrina somehow made her graduation gown and hat look stylish. Maybe it’s the heels!

The 22-year-old graduated with an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from Edinburgh Business school this year (2018).

Gym Buff

As with many modern The Apprentice stars, each candidate seems to find the time to stay incredibly buff despite juggling various entrepreneur ventures.

Sabrina pushes, pulls and squats her way to a bootylicious body.

Cutesy in Pink

Sabrina is a hugely talented tennis player with over eight years of coaching experience.

A personal trainer and events coordinator at Virgin Active and David Lloyd clubs, she looks super cute sporting pink on the court!

Happy Halloween

Showing off her sass, this Instagram post was titled:

My pumpkins bring all the boys to the yard…

The Power of Youth

At 22 years old, Sabrina is the joint youngest remaining contestant left in The Apprentice 2018, alongside Camilla Ainsworth.

She started her own business at just 18 and has an incredibly youthful beauty.

Bright Blue Eyes

Who knew that you could still look absolutely stunning with a diving mask squished onto your face.

With two massive fish either side of her little face, Sabrina’s bright blue eyes still manage to steal the picture with their vividness.


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