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Claude Littner - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim Marks

The Apprentice Claude - WHO is Alan Sugar's stone-cold assistant?

With every episode of The Apprentice comes 60 minutes of Claude Litter looking stone cold and emotionless.

As one of Lord Alan Sugar’s minions on the popular BBC series, it’s Claude’s job to follow The Apprentice candidates during their tasks before reporting back in the boardroom.

So who is this mystery man Claude?

Lord Sugar, Claude Littner – (C) Boundless Taylor Herring

Photographer: Jim Marks

Who is Claude Littner?

Claude Littner is a very successful 69-year-old businessman, with fingers in juicy company pies across the world.

The American-born Brit was formerly the chairman of IT service company Viglen Ltd and multinational corporation Emerson Electric Company.

It’s been reported by Spears Magazine that Claude is worth around £34million!

Claude Littner – (C)
Boundless Taylor Herring – Photographer: Jim Marks

In 2014, the University of West London Business School was renamed to the Claude Littner Business School in appreciation of his stellar business track record. He now visits as a guest professor.

Anyone else applying for a degree there?

Claude and Lord Al are Tight

Along with Claude’s outstanding business profile, he joined The Apprentice because he’s pretty tight with big Al Sugz.

Claude worked with Lord Sugar in 1990 where he started chairing a number of his companies. When Al was the majority owner of Tottenham Hotspur between 1993-1998, Claude served under him as the chief executive.

Picture Sugar and Claude in the 1990’s, knocking back beers at a football game and chatting business. This literally happened… kind of.

Lord Sugar – (C)
Boundless Taylor Herring – Photographer: Jim Marks

The Apprentice: Claude

The 69-year-old has featured on The Apprentice since series 1 in 2005 and is famous for interviewing candidates in the penultimate episode.

Claude rarely speaks or even moves yet he is fiercely feared because of his stone-cold stare.

He explained his technique of being mute in an interview with Heat Magazine:

I don’t talk to them at all (the candidates) I don’t look at them, if they say hello I completely ignore them. It’s terribly rude but I do it because I don’t want to say hello to someone and then the next day they feel encouraged by that and start asking about my weekend.

Lord Sugar, Claude Littner – (C) Boundless Taylor Herring
Photographer: Jim Marks

And then another candidate sees that and thinks, ‘oh, he really likes them’. It’s best to just completely ignore them – I don’t give them any encouragement at any time.

A Cult Hero

Claude’s influence on The Apprentice can’t be understated.

In fact, he’s something of a cult hero on Twitter, with fans almost shedding a tear every time Claude breaks character and says anything positive or supportive.

For instance support of Kayode…



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