The Apprentice: Is SIAN Gabbidon related to footballer Danny Gabbidon?
Sian Gabbidon - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim Marks

The Apprentice: Is SIAN Gabbidon related to footballer Danny Gabbidon?

Fans of The Apprentice have come up with an unusual backstory for 2018 winner Sian Gabbidon.

The 26-year-old won the show on Sunday night (December 16th).

Question is: will brother Danny Gabbidon be celebrating with her? Or is it her husband? Or are they actually just totally not related?

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Danny Gabbidon and Sian Gabbidon

The rumour is that Danny Gabbidon and Sian Gabbidon are related, either because they are brother and sister or married.

Danny is a former professional footballer who played for the likes of Cardiff City, Crystal Palace and West Ham United while also representing the Welsh national side on more than 50 occasions.

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Now 39, Danny retired from professional football in 2015, and now works in football media as a commentator and pundit.

The rumour was kick-started when it was revealed that Sian almost became a professional footballer herself having trialled with Leeds United.

She is still a huge fan of The Whites and regularly attends games.

Is Sian Danny Gabbidon’s Wife?


Danny Gabbidon is not married to Sian Gabbidon.

His partner is called Jemma and they tied the knot sometime around 2003.

Is Sian Danny Gabbidon’s Sister?

We don’t think so!

It seems unlikely that Sian is Danny’s little sister. The only mention of his family is in a 2002 interview with Dragon Soccer where he thanks the support of his “mother, father, brother and fiance (Jemma)”.

Sian would have been 16 at the time and perhaps Danny simply forgot her.

However, Danny was born in Wales, while it seems like Sian has spent all of her life in Lancashire. Danny’s parents were also called Doran and Rita while there has been no mention of them from Sian.

Based on the info we’ve found, it seems like their surnames and football pedigree is nothing more than a coincidence!



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