'The Bachelor' Marylynn and Victoria drama explored: Fans accuse Victoria of 'gaslighting'

Tension grew in the house as Victoria Larson and  Marylynn Sienna seemed to have their differences. Here’s Marylynn and Victoria’s drama explored.

The Bachelor just started with a new season, and already things are getting wild in the house. Matt James found himself in Victoria and Marylynn’s drama in the latest episode of the show. The situation also left many fans shocked, and they were quick to express their thoughts on Twitter.

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Marylynn and Victoria drama explored:

The episode saw Matt going on a date with 18 cast members. He took this time to learn more about each one of them. Fans got to see a different side to Victoria as she opened up about her body image issues. Matt stood by her as she narrated the tale of her life.

However, things turned a bit sore towards the end of the episode. Matt and the cast members were having a gala time when Victoria spoke about Marylynn. Victoria claimed Marylynn and her had been rommates. She further added that their relationship ended as Marylynn was toxic and manipulative.

Victoria alleged that she ended up sleeping on the couch as their relationship turned bitter. However, Marylynn denied these accusations. She hinted Victoria was cooking up a story. Despite this, Marylynn apologized to Victoria.

Victoria questioned her apology as Marylynn had earlier denied the claims. The night ended with Marylynn crying.

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Twitter reacts to Marlynn and Victoria drama:

Twitter was quick to react to all the drama happening on the show. Many accused Victoria of gaslighting. “Marylynn is trying to have a mature conversation with Victoria but Victoria won’t even let Marylynn speak. WILL THE GASLIGHTING STOP OMG THIS IS HORRIBLE,” wrote one user.

Another added, “Nah this doesn’t sit well with me. Victoria gaslighting, lying about, and manipulating Marylynn isn’t right. And it sucks because we already know she gets a rose because of the sneak peek.”

“I cannot believe Victoria complained to matt that Marylynn was “bullying” her, & on top of that called Marylynn toxic & manipulative. if that’s bullying, toxic, & manipulative then what do you call what Victoria was doing that whole week to the other girls? UGH,” read another comment.

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