The Bachelorette: Where is Chris Harrison? Here's why the host was missing from the show
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The Bachelorette: Where is Chris Harrison? Here's why the host was missing from the show

Chris Harrison has been the face of ‘The Bachelor’ nation ever since the show began. However, the viewers got a shock when the host was nowhere to be found in the latest episode (December 8). Some thought Chris is being replaced, but what’s the real truth?

Viewers of the show got a surprise when JoJo Fletcher stepped in to host the latest episode. Chris has usually been there for all the episodes, and seeing a different face had viewers wondering, “WHERE IS CHRIS HARRISON?” Here are all the details of why the host was missing from the show.

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THE BACHELORETTE – 1605 Tayshia Adams, a huge fan favorite from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, has arrived to find the love of her life. Just when she is ready to begin her journey, another surprise arrives; more men are added to the 16 remaining bachelors who are excited to get to know her. The competition for Tayshia’s heart heats up, but one man is struggling with his enduring feelings for Clare. Clare and her fiancé, Dale, have a heart-to-heart chat with Chris Harrison as they try to explain the thunderbolt that hit both of them simultaneously. Brendan captures the first one-on-one date with Tayshia, but although he is eager to make a deeper connection, he is worried that baggage from a past relationship might put an end to his romantic prospects before the night is over on The Bachelorette, TUESDAY, NOV. 10 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images) CHRIS HARRISON

What happened to Chris Harrison?

Chris’s absence raised many questions and some even came to the conclusion that the host was being replaced. However, this news is far from the truth. Chris was not present in the latest episode because the television host had taken a small break at the time of filming.

Chris had reportedly gone away from the show to drop his son at his Universality in Texas. He managed to return to the set one week later. Chris was asked to quarantine for a week before he made his way back into the set. With coronavirus being declared as a pandemic, the producers ensured Chris was in good health and fit to come back. Before the show had aired, Chris had hinted that this season would be most dramatic of all. There is no doubt things have been going as he had stated.

THE BACHELORETTE – “1601” – Clare Crawley will finally embark on her journey to find her soul mate as “The Bachelorette” returns for its sizzling 16th season on a new night. After putting Juan Pablo in his place on the memorable, 18th season finale of “The Bachelor,” and gaining a new sense of resolve and self-worth, Clare is more than ready to put her romantic disappointments in the rearview mirror and start a wild ride to find her happily ever after on the season premiere of “The Bachelorette,” TUESDAY, OCT. 13 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images) CHRIS HARRISON

JoJo Fetcher takes Chris Harrison’s place

‘The Bachelorette’ nation saw a familiar face after JoJo entered the house. Usually, Chris is there when a task is going on. However, n his absence, JoJo decided to join the cast members. The latest episode saw the cast members taking a polygraph test.

The episode managed to mend some relationships while put doubts on others. Tayshia Adams managed to get some answers she had been looking for while some of the men got a chance to open up about things that were otherwise unsaid.

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When is Chris Harrison coming back?

Since Chris was back to the set a week after dropping his son, the viewers will be able to see him back on the show soon. Fans can be assured that Chris is not leaving ‘The Bachelor’ nation any time soon.

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