The Big Flower Fight launched on Netflix on Monday, May 18th and if you’re like us, you will have already binge-watched all eight episodes.

The series is like the floral answer to competitive series such as The Great British Bake Off and Project Runway. Trading cakes and dresses for flowers, the contestants have to create larger-than-life live sculptures out of plants!

But having finished episode 8, many are curious to know what the winners are up to now, one year on from filming. So, what happened to The Big Flower Fight winners?

And if it isn’t already completely obvious, there are major spoilers ahead…

Andrew and Ryan in The Big Flower Fight – Netflix

Meet The Big Flower Fight winners

  • Ryan Lanji and Andrew Whittle

After eight episodes, Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht and his team of guest judges whittled down the top three design teams to Ryan and Andrew, Henck and Yan, and father-son duo Ralph and Jim.

But it was Ryan and Andrew who claimed the crown, despite having never attempted floral design before appearing on the show.

Ryan is originally from Vancouver, Canada and Andrew is from Lancashire. Ryan worked as a DJ and art curator, and Andrew is an artist.

The Big Flower Fight: Winning design

The final theme for The Big Flower Fight finale was fairytales. Each team was assigned a fairytale and they had to create a larger-than-life live sculptural installation representing a scene from the famous tale.

Andrew and Ryan got Hansel and Gretel, while Jim and Ralph worked with Jack and the Beanstalk, and Yan and Henck had Rapunzel.


When Kristen and returning guest judge James Alexander-Sinclair saw Andrew and Ryan’s Hansel and Gretel design, they were blown away.

  • FINALISTS: Get to know Henck and Yan from The Big Flower Fight

Screenshot: The Big Flower Fight S1 E8 – Netflix

Where are Ryan and Andrew now?

When they filmed The Big Flower Fight last year, Ryan and Andrew were a couple. They have since parted ways but are still close friends. So, we probably won’t see them collaborating on floral designs as a duo any time soon.

Ryan continues his work as a DJ and hosting Hungama events in East London. Andrew is continuing his work as both an artist and a gardener.

To keep up to date with the latest on Andrew and Ryan, you can follow them on Instagram under the handles @andrew.j.n.whittle and @mslanji.





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