The Big Narstie Show is back!

Following the success of the radio DJ’s first ever TV series, Big Narstie season 2 will drop in February.

So when is the official start date? Will Mo Gilligan be by his side? And which celebs are about to get gassed?

Episode 9: - Day 9 of the VIP road trip and just when you thought it couldn⿿t get any more bonkers, it⿿s time to welcome Big Narstie to the coach. He and his friend Stevo The Madman dive straight into the in-fighting between the tourists and enjoy stirring the pot much more than they enjoy their first activity - mucking out stables at a donkey sanctuary. Later Narstie shows ⿿Man Can Fly⿿ flyboarding in the sea before sparks fly at another explosive Straight Red Card vote.

Big Narstie and his friend Stevo The Madman

The Big Narstie Show: Season 2

Big Narstie Show season 2 will launch on Friday, February 22nd.

The series will air on Channel 4 at 11:05 pm, directly after the new series of Gogglebox 2019 and The Last Leg.

There are eight scheduled episodes in the series – two more than season 1 – which will keep your Friday night’s full of outrageous laughs and random of celebrity appearances all the way until mid-April.

Big Narstie and Mo Gilligan?

Mo Gilligan and the big man himself will return for season 2.

The duo struck up an unlikely award-winning partnership when hosting the show last season, with comedian Mo complimenting Big Narstie’s fresh London style.

The Big Narstie's Big Christmas

Mo and Big Narstie

Channel 4 say that season 2 will continue with much of the same content, a mix-mash of late-night chat, comedy and music.

As always, there will an overload of brief celeb appearances, live music performances and unlikely collaborations.

Executive Producer Ben Wicks said:

I’m thrilled that thanks to Channel 4 we get to make a second series which will be bigger, bolder and continue the evolution of an on-screen duo who love nothing more than pausing any interview to slam each other, with the guest looking on, in bits. This is 100% what TV should be. Bring on Series 2.



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