TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife gives us an insight into the workings of polygamous relationships and the families involved in the practice.

But viewers were shocked with a bizarre twist in the show, as potential wife Jennifer faked her own death after having second thoughts on polygamy.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jennifer Linnerth and the extremes she went to avoid the Alldredges…

Screenshot: TLC UK YouTube channel. Pictured: Jennifer Linnerth meeting the Alldredge family.

Who is Jennifer Linnerth?

Jennifer is a 31-year-old bartender from Canada.

After speaking with the Alledrege family online for months, they planned to meet up and for Jennifer to join the family as a sister wife.

The initial meeting was a success, but then Jennifer carried out a rather bizarre tall tale to distance herself from the family.

What happened with her ‘death’?

After Jennifer failed to turn up to the Alldredge family home to stay the week, the family were concerned.

Text messages from Jennifer’s sister later informed the Alldredges that her appendix had burst and she died in hospital.

However, after Jeff Alldredge called the hospital she was supposedly in and no record of her was found, the family knew something suspicious was happening.

What did the Alldredge family say?

During his interview on the show, Jeff describes Jennifer’s supposed fake death as “crazy”.

But they recently released a lengthy post addressing the situation with Jennifer Linnerth.

In this post they go into detail about what they did and didn’t know about her, and what was revealed to be true.

What has Jennifer said?

Jennifer also live streamed her side of the story to Facebook Live.

Here, she detailed that monogamy had not worked out for her and she was seeking a polygamous relationship to see if that would be better.

But it was Jeff who ultimately put her off from joining the family.

And to questions about whether she will feature in the show’s Tell All episode, Jennifer remained tight-lipped – so we can assume she’ll be making a return!


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