Get to know The Cabins season 2 cast on Instagram

Get to know The Cabins season 2 cast on Instagram

ITV2 first launched a brand new dating show The Cabins back in 2021. Reinventing dating shows as we know them, daters and datees meet for the first time at a forest cabin and spend time together. If they like each other they get to extend their stay, and if they don’t, a new guest arrives.

The Cabins kicks off at 9 pm on Monday, January 3rd on ITV2, so let’s get to know The Cains cast members on the 2022 show…

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Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet The Cabins season 2 cast member Amir

First up on the cast list is The Cabins’ Amir. He’s a 26-year-old optometrist who hails from Manchester.

Amir is on Instagram @aa_x_r with over 1k followers.


Amy is an eighteen-year-old junior hairdresser from Scotland who is looking to find love on the ITV2 show in 2022.

Find Amy on Instagram @amyreiilly where she has around 3.5k followers. The hairdresser also shares a link to her hair page in her IG bio and writes that her social media page is “just for fun“.

Callum Kennedy

Also from Scotland is university student Callum. He’s 22 years old and is appearing on the ITV show alongside his twin brother, Timmy.

Follow Callum on IG @callum_kennedyy where he has almost 4k followers at the time of writing.


Content creator Cory can be found on Instagram @cory_outside1.

He’s 28 years old and hails from South London.

As per TellyMix, Cory has had enough of trying to find love via social media.

Chris Georgiou

London-based Cabins contestant Chris can be found on IG @quarterlifechrisis.

He’s a 26-year-old media and marketing account manager.

Judging by Chris’ Instagram page, he’s a keen lover of travel and has visited all kinds of countries including Croatia, Greece, Sydney and more.

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The Cabins season 2 cast: Meet Denni

Twenty-year-old make-up artist and office manager is also looking for love on The Cabins 2022.

She’s from Hertfordshire and can be found on Instagram @denni8888.

Jessica Caballero

Follow The Cabins’ Jessica on Instagram @cruisewithjess.

She’s 25 years old and works as a cruise ship entertainer.

As well as her full-time job, London-based Jessica is also the CEO of swimwear brand @jseacollection.


Twenty-five-year-old nursing assistant Richie is also here to find “the one” on the ITV2 show.

He’s 25 and from Burton-on-Trent and can be found on Instagram @richieworrall with over 5.4k followers.

Meet The Cabins season 2 cast member Jad

Car salesman Jad may have the gift of the ga when it comes to his job but can he sweet talk his way to finding romance?

He’s 26, hails from South East London and can be found on IG @_jadbayram_.


Megan is an athlete and beautician from Surrey.

The blonde bombshell is 19 years old and judging by her Instagram page she goes hard in the gym, Megan can be seen doing some serious weightlifting sessions on her IG page.

Follow her @meganacomb.

George Waterfield

Leicester lad George is also a Cabins cast member in 2022.

He’s 26 years old and is a hair salon owner.

His salon is very popular and he even has celebrity clients, check it out on IG @thesecretgardenhair. Find George on Insta @georgewater.

The Cabins season 2 cast: Harry

Twenty-three-year-old entrepreneur Harry hails from Scotland but lives in London.

He’s looking for a relationship and as per Telly Mix, he said: “I mean I’ve just never really found love before or anyone that has loved me back“.

Prince Oziegbe

Prince is 23 years old and lives in Kettering. He’s a salesman and he’s looking to kick it old school and meet someone in real life rather than on social media.

Find Prince on Instagram under the handle @princeo__.


Recruitment agent Roxanne is 21 and comes from South East London.

She has over 9.4k Instagram followers and can be found @roxpariss.

Roxanne proves that she’s both brains and beauty as she writes in her IG bio that she is a presenter and host as well as the CEO of @careerverified.

Timmy Kennedy

Callum’s twin brother, Timmy Kennedy, is also on The Cabins season 2.

He’s also a 22-year-old university student from Fife, Scotland.

Follow rugby player Timmy on Instagram @timmykennedy11.

The Cabins season 2 cast: Meet Taryck

Last, but by no means least, Devon lad Taryck is a cast member on the ITV2 show.

Taryck is 25 years old and works as an estate agent.

He lives in Sidmouth and can be found on Instagram @tazzart with almost 4k followers.

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