Fans of true crime dramas hold on to your horses.

ITV is bringing one of the most shocking murder cases the UK has seen in decades to our TV screens on Thursday, April 18th.

The documentary, presented by Susanna Reid, looks extensively into the Peterborough ditch murders of 2013 and who was behind them.

Here’s everything you need to know about the disturbing case of serial killer Joanne Dennehy and where she is now…

Pictured: Susanna Reid with police evidence.

Who is Joanne Dennehy?

Joanne is a 36-year-old originally from Peterborough, England.

In March 2013, Joanne went on a seemingly random killing spree. She killed three men over the course of ten days, all of whom she knew personally, and attempted to kill two others.

Yet, Joanne was remorseless and pleaded guilty in November 2013.

Her younger sister Maria claimed this admission of guilt was characteristic of Joanne, as “she did that to control the situation. She likes people to know she’s the boss.”


Is Joanne still in prison?

Joanne is one of just three women in Britain ever to receive a life sentence.

She continues to carry out this sentence at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey.

However, this sentence is without the possibility of parole because of the premeditated nature of the murders.

What happened with her escape plot?

Joanne was placed in isolation from September 2013 to September 2015 when the court proceedings had finished.

But this was because of a gruesome escape plot prison staff had found in her diary – it involved chopping off some of the guard’s fingers to escape!

Although the idea of solitary confinement for two years does sound cruel, the High Court claimed it was necessary for the safety of the public, the prison staff and, frankly, the other prisoners.

Joanne being arrested.

Joanne’s psychopathic nature

Joanne frequently exploited and manipulated people through her sexuality.

To this day she continues to write to men outside of prison, luring them in with her charismatic nature.

One of the most chilling scenes in the ITV doc shows Joanne flirting with the police after her arrest.

Upon watching these tapes, Susanna Reid commented:

She doesn’t show any remorse, she’s revelling in what she’s done. It’s appalling behaviour but a sign of the psychopath that she is.


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