The live final for Channel 4’s The Circle 2019 has now been confirmed.

It may feel as if you’re just settling into the Catfish-themed gameshow and newbies Beth and Jack are so unsettled that they’re yet to properly unpack their bags. However, that won’t help delay the penultimate episode in the series.

A final date has been pinned down by C4 so here’s everything you need to know about the live final, how to vote and what the winner will claim.


When does The Circle 2019 finish?

The 22nd and final episode of The Circle 2019 will air on Friday, October 18th.

The live final will air on Channel 4 at 10 pm.

You can watch the episode live on TV via Channel 4 and live online via the ALL4 player or Alternatively, the final episode will be available on ALL4 shortly after it finishes airing.

What is the final prize?

Contestants are in with the chance of leaving the show with at least £100,000.

The player who is voted the most popular in the game by the other contestants will win £100,000 in prize money. This is double the price of last year’s prize money.

Last year, there was also a ‘Viewers Vote’ with the audience given the ability to vote for their favourite character. It remains to be seen if this element will feature in series 2 although last year’s winner, Alex Hobern playing as Kate, claimed a bonus £25,000 from this.

Stay on top of any potential Viewers Vote by downloading The Circle app. You can download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Who is going to win The Circle?

Currently, Tim the runaway favourite on the show when it comes to the Channel 4 audience.

His humour and quirkiness has quickly won over fans with and a natrual misunderstanding of social media from emojis to txt speak proving TV gold.

However, the £100,000 prize money is not in the hands of the viewers and Tim must stay on track with both the current and upcoming The Circle contestants, which could prove more difficult given the spunky young energy of Beth and Jack.

Screenshot: The Circle S2 E5 – 4oD
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