INTERVIEW - Aiden explains what life inside The Circle was really like!

The Circle star Aiden Banbury exclusively spoke to Realitytitbit about life inside the four walls of a social media experiment.

Aiden was eliminated from the brand new Channel 4 series on September 24th, when the influencers of the game decided to block her.

Nevertheless, the Pot Noodle munching 19-year-old was a fan favourite during her time on the show, and we caught up with her as she watches the rest of the series from the comfort of her couch.

Age: 19

Location: Wakefield

Job: Soon-to-be Social Media Influencer

Favourite Pot Noodle: Chicken and Mushroom

Dislikes: Love Island’s Alexandra Cane (because she is a Pot Noodle ambassador)


Aiden, tell us something about yourself that we didn’t know from your time on The Circle!

“Well, I used to do athletics – I competed for Barnsley and Sheffield,” said Aiden.

“I did it for 10 years, training six-times per week and competing in the hurdles and javelin. But then I fractured my spine and the bottom of my back about two or three years ago.


“It was too painful to continue and I had to stop.”

Athletics?  We thought your sport was munching on Pot Noodles?

“Not even kidding, the past two nights I have driven out to a takeaway at 2 am to get donner meat and cheesy chips.

“I think everyone saw how much I eat while I was on The Circle but I literally don’t care – I’m such a fat b*th!

“I do like to cook, but mainly it’s noodles or rice. Something like pasta and beans or pasta and mushy peas is dead lush.

“Honestly, the number of Pot Noodles I ate was by choice. They’re so f*ckin tasty!”

So what did you actually get up to in The Circle apartment? Didn’t you get bored?

“Surprisingly not, time goes by really fast when you’re in there.

“You’re having a shower, brushing your teeth, eating, reading f*cking books.

“I literally don’t read books but I read Jekyll and Hyde when I was in there and was dead proud of myself.”

Books, eh? Do you want us to make out that you’re ‘dead clever ‘n’ that?’

“Haha – yes please!

“Tell them that I read everything that was going – the Bible, the encyclopedia, the dictionary.”

The Circle press release – MB Aiden–(None)_A2

And what else can you tell us about what happens on The Circle? Is anything set up or scripted?

All I can say is that it was all done so well and so secretly.

I applied through the Channel 4 website but the only info they gave you was that little blurb that went out to the public. I knew what the concept was and that was it.

Literally, no idea what was going to happen on the show and no idea about who the other contestants were.


The final of The Circle is on Monday, October 8th, on Channel 4 at 10 pm.

Hear more from the hilarious Aiden by following her on Instagram at @aiden_br.

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