The Circle: Fiji the turtle HAS TWITTER - Dan's pet is hilarious!

The Circle: Fiji the turtle HAS TWITTER - Dan's pet is hilarious!

As far as obscure and spoof Twitter accounts go, Fiji the turtle is pretty impressive.

From new Channel 4 series The Circle, someone has decided to give Fiji a voice.

The cute little turtle is the pet of Dan and often features in episodes, where Dan is either talking out loud to his shelled friend or letting others know that everything is going swimmingly in the apartment and tank.

Screen Shot: Dan and Mairead – The Circle episode 14 – Channel 4

Fiji in the Final

The four finalists include Sian, Alex (Kate), Freddie and Dan.

Contestants who were blocked during the series were Aiden, Sinead (Christopher), Mitchell, Harry, Scotty, Mairead, Genelle, Precious, Ryan, Hannah and Jennifer.

We all know who the real winner is though…

Fiji’s Confession

You really have to feel for Dan.

He’s been Catfished by everyone on the game and almost fell head over heels in love for Kate, who is being played by Alex.

And, after all that, even Fij-star isn’t who said he was…

Acting Like They Forgot About Fij

The Circle contestants each received video messages from home as the approached they end of the three-week competition.

Did Friji get a vid though?

Fiji’s Inside Scoop

While The Circle apartment might be one of the most camera-rigged places in the world, things still get missed.

Fortunately, however, we have Fiji for all the missing bits and bobs…

Freddie vs Fiji

It seems like one contestant that won’t get the privilege of stroking Sir Fiji is Freddie.

The two have been at each other’s throats throughout the series – well, at least Fij has – and things reached boiling point when Freddie scored Dan a one out of five.

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